Vidya 28 November 2019 Episode Written Update – Dharma asks Vidya, But Why?

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The Episode begins with Nanku considering Vidya. He asks Kalindi to come. He says you have told right, I recollect your pledge, I will consistently recall it. He blows upon her. He says I didn’t lift a hand on you ever, I adored you till now, since you thought I m a man, however you have scrutinized my masculinity, at that point, I can’t cherish you, you have blasted your outrage, you have harmed my spirit and heart.

He gets a stick and says I m much hurt, I need to recollect this injury. She cries. He says I need your assistance, will you help me. He gives her the stick and says beat me. She stresses. He says I wedded you and got you here, I gave you so much regard and status, you have poison against me in your heart, take this, beat me. He says I realize your qualities won’t let you do this, however you need to beat me and give me wounds.

Vidya 28 November 2019

Kalindi cries and hits him. He says I would prefer not to overlook my vengeance on Vidya. Jagat says the locals are now focusing on Vidya. Nanku says this time we will hit them with a dramatization. The residents go to Dharma’s home. Nanku’s men incite the locals and affront Vidya. Maa says Vidya you have done puja for Vivek, residents have come to inconvenience us.

Vidya says I will proceed to converse with them. Maa says you don’t have a clue what the group will do, they need an answer, what’s your connection with Vivek. Vidya says I revealed to you we have no connection. Vidya asks what will I let them know. She goes out and faces the individuals’ inquiries. She says I kept a quick for Vivek, is it wrongdoing, Vivek spared the kids. The man requests that she leave the town, else he will consume her and her home, what’s her connection with Vivek. The individuals ask her.

Vidya 28 November 2019 Episode Written Update

Vidya says I won’t reply. The woman lifts a hand. Vivek’s mum comes and holds her hand. She admonishes them. She bolsters Vidya and her family. She requests that the individuals leave. She asks Vidya not to stress, she is with her. She leaves. Vidya cleans the recolored comments from the divider. She goes to ask and cries. Maa chastens her. Dharma asks Vidya for what valid reason is she doing this.

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