Vidya 15 October 2019 Episode Written Update – Vidya Goes Missing

Written Update: Vidya 15 October 2019 Episode Written Update on

The Episode begins with Dharma and Bablu figuring where did Vidya goes. Bablu says she thinks Vivek is a decent individual, she may divulge our mysteries to him. Dharma beverages and says indeed, you are correct, I can see one approach to get spared. Vivek sees Vidya crying. She considers Nanku. He asks what’s wrong, are you terrified of Nanku.

She signs no. He asks truly. She says I was terrified before slapping him, I m not frightened of him, I don’t lament to slap him, I feel harmony on a basic level, I have done right, I m stressed for your life. Vivek says it was about your regard, I would have gambled life for you. He says you have done a great deal for me, I guarantee you, regardless of whether Nanku and whole Azamgarh gets against you, I won’t let anything transpire.

She reviews Avtaar’s words. He says my pen is my capacity, it has the power to correct an inappropriate, don’t you confide in me. She says I confide in you and myself additionally, much obliged. He says simply perceive how I change things. Jagat says Vidya is with Vivek. Nanku blows up. Dharma contends with his significant other. Vivek gets Vidya home. He reviews Nanku’s words. Dharma asks did both of you go to see Raavan dahan together. Amma gazes at Vidya. Vivek says I will meet you tomorrow, Vidya ji. She goes inside the house. Vivek gazes at Dharma and Amma. He leaves.

Vidya 15 October 2019

Amma inquires as to for what reason was Vivek taking a gander at us with annoyance. Bablu says Vidya was with Vivek as of now. Vidya attempts to rest. She considers Vivek. She thinks I m deceiving him for my family, I can’t swindle him. Its morning, Dharma does puja. He awakens Bablu. He says Vidya went to class, simply wake up now. Peon comes and says Vidya didn’t come to class, send her to class in the event that she comes. Dharma asks where did she go, something happened the previous evening.

Bablu says we will proceed to discover her. Vivek comes there to meet them, as the new DM. Dharma thinks Prem Pratap has come as the DM. Vivek goes to a call. He says I have gone to Vidya’s home to take their announcement in composed. He welcomes Dharma and says Vivek Vardhan Singh, Azamgarh’s new DM. Dharma asks did you have any work. Vivek says I came to meet Vidya, I need to converse with her about Nanku.

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