Vidya 10 October 2019 Episode Written Update – Avtaar Gets Ranjana Home

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The Episode begins with Vidya saying I m an educator here and will do my work. Vivek says thank you, I m glad for you. She doesn’t comprehend and overlays hands. He grins. Avtaar gets Ranjana home. She blows up and attempts to run. She reprimands him for getting her home. He says you would do a major error, your family would have stressed for you.

She says you got terrified of Nanku, you did enormous slip-up by doing this. He requests that her tune in. Dadi and Kalindi come. They see Ranjana. Dadi yells Ranjana, get down. Kalindi reprimands Ranjana. Dadi requests that she go to her room. Ranjana goes. Dadi favors Avtaar. Kalindi requests that he remain back and meet Nanku. Avtaar says possibly next time. He goes. Kalindi reassures Ranjana. She asks her not to outrage Nanku. Avtaar comes to meet Vidya. He asks what did Vivek tells you.

She says he stated, I m extremely pleased with you, thanks once more, bye. Everybody gets astounded. Dharma says you did right by us, state it once more. She says it once more. Avtaar asks how could you gain proficiency with this. She says Durga Maiyya knows this present, what’s the importance. Avtaar requests that Dharma proceed to oversee the shop.

Vidya 10 October 2019

He says this implies he is grateful to you and is glad for you, Vivek told this, you didn’t hear me out, you advised this to townspeople and Vivek felt pleased, you are doing great to the town yet getting hatred with Nanku, he will be irate, don’t have the foggiest idea what will occur in Devgarh. He goes. Nanku sees the envelope. Jagat says today, we lost the regard in view of Prem.

Nanku says its matter of pride, did you find about Prem. Jagat says no. Nanku says I will end Prem’s down tomorrow on Dussehra. Vidya comes to class. She sees the development of toilets going on. Santosh welcomes her and requests that she come in the unique program. Vidya grins seeing the great changes. Nanku asks Vidya to come, he has called the uncommon educators to converse with them.

He says nothing will turn out badly here, I will run it now. A man approaches Vivek for a location. He acts unwell. Vivek holds him. A goon hits on his head. Vivek battles him. Different goons come and catch him. Nanku says its a matter of my pride, I guarantee to make children’s future splendid. He requests that the instructors remain back. He says guardians shouldn’t come to gripe, encourage the children well. He sends everybody. He asks Vidya to remain back. She gets strained.

Vivek is put inside a vehicle. Police come. Jagat says fault Vivek for DM Sharma’s demise. He outlines Vivek. Investigator concurs. They plant every one of the confirmations. Nanku goes to Vidya. He says I m stressed for you, so I m letting you know, avoid Prem, I don’t think he is a correct man. She reviews Vivek. Nanku says Prem is captured for Sharma’s homicide.

She gets stunned. Auditor tosses water at Vivek’s face and awakens him. Vivek inquires as to for what reason did you get me here. Overseer says you are accused of DM Sharma’s homicide. Vivek snickers. Reviewer says your fact has turned out. Vidya hears individuals speaking sick about Vivek.

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