Udaan 7 May 2019 Written Update – Chakor Regains Her Memory

Written Update: Udaan 7 May 2019 Written Update on starsofworld.com

The Episode begins with Sameer calling Anjor and requesting Chakor. Anjor says she is fine, don’t dawdle, congratulations for your marriage. Poonam thinks Chakor is the adversary of my bliss, I can do anything to her now. She says Anjor, its not directly for Chakor to remain at home, we need to take her to medical clinic, you look drained, proceed to rest, I will oversee it. Anjor says I need to be with Chakor, it would be ideal if you Poonam says let me complete her checkup.

Udaan 7 May 2019

Chakor gets up. Anjor says mother needs to take you to the emergency clinic. Chakor says its not ideal to go anyplace. Anjor says you believe me right, you will go for your total examination. Anjor embraces Chakor. Poonam gets irate. Chakor says I m in a circumstance where I can’t confide in anybody, however I can confide in you. Poonam asks Chakor to come. Chakor goes with her. Poonam thinks Chakor will be dozing subsequent to drinking this water, she won’t wake up now. Chakor nods off. Poonam takes her to some wilderness. She escapes the vehicle and goes to consume the vehicle. Raghav comes and yells stop, did you lose your psyche. Poonam asks how could you reach here. He says I have stopped by following you. She says none can spare Chakor, I will consume her alive.

He says no. He supposes to quiet down, its demon to stop her. He says I will talk and sort things, you won’t do anything to Chakor, let me know, what do you need. Poonam approaches what did you accomplish for us, you spoilt our whole diversion. He says I will spare Chakor. They hear the sanctuary ringers. Poonam says Lord will spare Chakor, not you, you said you will do what I state, simply go to Chakor, get her out of the vehicle and take her to sanctuary, wed her at the present time. He asks what are you saying. Raghav awakens Chakor and says you are Chakor and I m Suraj, your significant other, we have come to wed here in this old sanctuary.

Sameer meets Anjor. Prakash gives them a chance to talk and goes. Sameer asks how is Chakor. Anjor says I would prefer not to converse with you, she is fine, she is getting treated, I m taking great consideration of her. He holds her hand. He embraces her. She says stop this show, take a gander at yourself, its simple to clarify others of adoration, there is no vulnerability in affection, remain cheerful, much appreciated, I got Chakor as a result of you. She goes. Chakor and Raghav are in the sanctuary. Poonam looks on. Chakor says we will return home at this point. Raghav says to tune in, I need to reveal to you something, whoever weds here gets a connection of lifetime, for what reason don’t we wed at this point. He persuades her.

Chakor and Raghav sit for marriage. He sees Chakor and figures this should stop. They take wedding rounds. Chakor reviews her marriage with Suraj and his passing. She gets stunned and takes a gander at Raghav. She met Raghav and employing him for the wellbeing of Anjor. She slaps Raghav. She expels the laurels. She says I remember everything, Raghav, you needed to exploit. She gets irate and leaves. She says I have done this for you and Anjor. Poonam comes and looks on. She furiously hits on Raghav and Chakor’s heads.

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