Udaan 5 April 2019 Written Update – Sameer Comes Home

Written Update: Udaan 5 April 2019 Written Update on starsofworld.com

The Episode begins with specialist educating everybody regarding Poonam, who is harmed by some nourishment medium. He says its moderate toxic substance impact on her. Jatin says however we as a whole eat similar nourishment. Minty says Chakor is setting up the nourishment for Poonam for some days. Anjor reviews the juice drinks served to Poonam. Jatin asks Minty what is she saying. He asks Chakor to leave. Anjor says you can’t go until reports come. Chakor inquires as to why you are questioning me. Jatin asks what are you saying. Anjor says I question on her.

Chakor says I m prepared to remain here, Poonam may require me. Sameer returns home and says mum and father went to the sanctuary, I m feeling hungry. He sees Vanshika leaving and questions her. She gets Kiku’s call and says I m coming. Sameer says you are not going anyplace, simply go in. She says simply move, I m not a child. She leaves. He says I should converse with Maasi. He goes to see Chakor. He says she didn’t return home yet. He calls Chakor and can’t get past. He calls Anjor and requests Chakor.

She says indeed, she is here, she will remain here today around evening time in light of the fact that Chakor takes the telephone and says my telephone got off, I would advise you. She supposes not to advise anything to Sameer at this moment. She says Poonam is unwell, I will get back home tomorrow. Anjor inquires as to for what reason didn’t you reveal to him reality, I have a question on you and that is the reason ceased you here. She goes.

Chakor sees Anjor resting and holds her. Anjor awakens and sees her. She gets irate and holds Poonam’s hand. Chakor says you are drained, I will be with Poonam. Anjor says no chance, I will deal with my solitary mum. Chakor says I feel hurt that you don’t confide in me, I m cheerful seeing your adoration for Poonam, each mum cherishes a little girl in such a way, a few people don’t have love in their destiny. Anjor says truly, mum and little girl’s connection is loaded with adoration, my mum never abandons me for anybody, yet I lament that a few people can never get this.

Chakor inquires as to for what reason do you abhor me. Anjor says you truly need to know, you disregarded me for a long time, you didn’t attempt to know whether I m in any condition, reveal to me where were you for a long time, with whom were you, did those individuals likewise abandon you, or did you cheat them as well. Chakor reviews the discipline. She supposes I wish I could let you know, I will never let you know, you will detest me more. Anjor asks where were you, I loathe you. Naina plays….

Anjor goes to Poonam. Poonam gets cognizant. Anjor yells to Jatin. Jatin comes. Specialist comes and tells about the uncommon toxic substance, Poonam would have kicked the bucket on the off chance that she devoured the toxic substance by and by. Chakor asks which sustenance contained the toxic substance. He says it was in veg juice, which Poonam was expanding since a couple of days. Anjor reviews Chakor. Chakor gets stunned.

Minty says you were making it for Poonam. Chakor gestures. Anjor says father, we can’t confide in this lady, you didn’t hear me out, she has offered toxic substance to mother. Sameer asks peon when will Jatin come. The man says Jatin won’t come, somebody gave moderate toxic substance to his significant other. Sameer asks what. He surges. Chakor asks what are you saying, I m guiltless, I m your mum, trust me.

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