Udaan 3 May 2019 Written Update – Anjor Helps Chakor Again

Written Update: Udaan 3 May 2019 Written Update on starsofworld.com

The Episode begins with Chakor battling Raghav and asking him for what valid reason is he doing this. He says I m your better half. She says you can’t be Suraj, you are Raghav. He gets stunned. She inquires as to for what reason are you deceiving me. They battle. He pushes her. She gets injured and blacks out. Jaya demonstrates the record to Sameer. He gets irate and denies the pregnancy. Vanshika stresses. He chides Vanshika for her dramatization. He says I won’t let anybody play with my life.

Raghav makes Chakor rest. He goes ground floor. Anjor sneaks inside the house. He glances around. She got the camera from Chakor’s sack and keeping it in the dustbin once more. Raghav checks Chakor’s pack and just discovers garments. He returns upstairs. She gets soothed. Sameer expresses gratitude toward Minty and approaches her to get a ring for Kiku and Vanshika also, they will get hitched. Poonam says truly, yet we can’t keep commitment until we get great mahurat. Sameer inquires as to for what reason are you having faith in mahurat. He supposes to uncover the amusement now. He says everybody needs Kiku and Vanshika to wed.

Poonam says you are correct, let’s get them connected at this moment. Kiku and Vanshika get ready for marriage. Minty contends with Poonam. Poonam says nothing will occur, Sameer is acting keenly. Its morning, Anjor thinks what to do. She calls Chakor and says I m your specialist, Anjy, simply pursue the headings, you will comprehend everything, go upstairs and go to the washroom, discover the camera and check it, you need to come and meet me at the emergency clinic. Chakor says no, Suraj asked me not to go out. Anjor requests that she play the recording, she will comprehend everything. Chakor checks the recording and gets stunned. She says I saw the video. Anjor grins and says you would now see, simply go out and meet me in city emergency clinic, its very demon, I will hang tight for you. Chakor concurs. Udaan hai plays.

Poonam meets Raghav to get some information about Chakor. He asks her not to meddle in his life. He says thanks to her for making him meet Chakor. She says keep Chakor far from my life, I will visit you to think about her, you have come as a blessed messenger for her. He sees Anjou’s pic on her telephone and reviews her. Anjor says Chakor needs our assistance. Poonam says I can’t hear you, I will converse with you later. Chakor sees the injury on her temple and says for what reason did Suraj do this with me. She records, Suraj has raised hand on me and hurt me, don’t have the foggiest idea how I got lost, next time when I see this video, I need to recall that I will have a hard time believing this man, I need to meet Anjy. She opens the entryway and sees Raghav. She shrouds the camera. He takes a gander at her. He asks what are you concealing, show me. He focuses weapon at her. She gets stunned.

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