Udaan 24 June 2019 Written Update – Bua Sees Chakor & Gets Shocked

Written Update: Udaan 24 June 2019 Written Update on starsofworld.com

The Episode begins with Ranvijay conversing with a man. The man enlightens her regarding Chaya and asks Ranvijay to come and thrashing her likely to work out game. Ranvijay concurs. He requests that specialist prematurely end Anjor’s child. Bua thumps the entryway and yells Jaya. Vanshika returns from the window side and embraces Jaya. She says Chakor was right.

Udaan 24 June 2019

Jaya asks Anjor to rest. Vanshika says I will get your fav frozen yogurt. Jaya opens the entryway. Bua asks what’s going on with you, a specialist has sought Anjor’s checkup. Anjor acts to rest. Jaya says you go, I will get Anjor. Bua says to get her soon and goes. Anjor says don’t send me to her, she pulls my hair, it harms a ton. Vanshika says nothing will transpire, I m your companion, don’t you confide in me, guarantee nobody will do anything. Anjor embraces her and says you are so sweet. Ranvijay goes to the bar. Everybody welcomes her.

Udaan 24 June 2019

Ranvijay says I m glad to meet you, will we play. She says beyond any doubt. They make the appearance. She demonstrates her cards and wins. Ranvijay gets stunned. She takes all the money. The man says Ranvijay lost just because. Ranvijay requests that they sit. Chakor says this is the same old thing, not a children’s down. Ranvijay supposes she is sharp. Chakor gets a call and says book every one of the rooms in the inn, where will I go.

He says my haveli is here, there are 20 rooms, remain there. She says fine. He says come. She goes with him. Anjor gets frightened seeing the specialist. She says I m terrified of infusion. Jaya and Vanshika attempt to support her. Bua admonishes Jaya and pushes her. Anjor shouts. Vanshika says leave her. Bua locks them. Jaya thumps the entryway and says don’t do anything with Anjor.

She yells. Vanshika calls Chakor. She says she isn’t answering. Bua requests that specialist does his work quickly. Manoj opens the entryway. Jaya races to Anjor. Anjor nibbles Bua’s hand and runs. Ranvijay and Chakor return home. Chakor holds Anjor and pledges to secure her. Bua asks Chakor to demonstrate her face. Chakor says my face has a consume mark, so I shroud my face, I don’t care for it. Bua says let me see.

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