Udaan 22 April 2019 Written Update – Chakor Scolds Bhanu

Written Update: Udaan 22 April 2019 Written Update on starsofworld.com

The Episode begins with Bhanu compromising Chakor. He induces the locals against Chakor. Chanda gets the lamp fuel to support him. Chakor reproves Bhanu. Sameer makes a call and requests that the man remain associated with the video call, individuals should comprehend what’s going on the planet. Jatin and Poonam get stunned seeing the news. They see Anjor with Chakor. Poonam asks what is Anjor doing here. Chakor requests that locals comprehend that she is right, Bhanu is the wrong man, he will destroy even ages. Jatin chastens his staff and hurries to take police help to spare Anjor. Chakor acclaims Suraj and says Aazaadgunj has seen satisfaction simply because of Suraj.

Bhanu says I will end your story here. Anjor takes the weapon from Lallan and focuses at Bhanu. He gets stunned. She asks Bhanu not to tell anybody against Suraj. She inquires him to come clean, he executed Suraj. Bhanu says no, residents executed him. Sameer gets captured. Bhanu takes the firearm from Anjor and focuses at her. Chakor says leave my kids. Sameer says you figure you will get spared, I have uncovered him before the world. Bhanu says it is difficult, I m destined to control, the townspeople were forever my bandhua, they will dependably be my bandhua. Locals reprove Bhanu for deceiving them. Bhanu takes the matchstick and lights fire. Police come there on schedule and salvage Chakor, Anjor, and Sameer. Locals get furious and consume Bhanu alive. Anjor goes to embrace Chakor.

Sameer grins. Poonam and Jatin come. Poonam asks are you fine. Anjor says indeed, Chakor spared my life. Poonam expresses gratitude toward Chakor. Townspeople apologize to Chakor. Chakor says don’t state this. Poonam says Anjy, we will leave from here, come. Anjy says despite everything you think I m childish, I was shielding you from Bhanu, I cherish you a great deal. Sameer says you have much contempt in Chakor, you can’t love anybody. Anjor says you know nothing, she ran with Raghav to begin another life. Sameer asks who is Raghav, if Chakor ran with Raghav, she would have not to hunt down you, she completed a great deal for you, you aren’t ready to pardon your genuine mum.

He goes. Chakor tumbles down. Anjy hurries to support her and binds her dupatta material to Chakor’s injured leg. Sameer and Anjor take Chakor with them. Anjy asks would we be able to take her with us in the vehicle, her leg is injured. Poonam says indeed, why not, we will go together. She supposes to plan something to make Anjy despise Chakor. She says the venture is long, we need to remain in some visitor house in transit. Jatin concurs. They achieve guesthouse. Anjor considers Chakor. She goes to Sameer. He remains upset. She says I will apologize to Chakor toward the beginning of the day. He says you ought to apologize.

Jatin says I feel Chakor didn’t endeavor to slaughter you, perhaps we did some error, on the off chance that she wasn’t right, she would have not spared Anjou’s life, if her heart is perfect, for what reason did she give you poison. Poonam says Chakor gave me a toxic substance to execute me. Anjor comes and says I don’t figure she can do this, I overlooked my telephone. She goes. Poonam stresses. She supposes it’s great I masterminded the exceptional shock for Chakor, I will dispose of Chakor today around evening time. Chakor sees goons grabbing a young lady. Chakor goes to help. The young lady flees. The goons beat her. Poonam comes there.

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