Udaan 2 May 2019 Written Episode Update – Chakor Suspects Raghav

Written Update: Udaan 2 May 2019 Written Episode Update on starsofworld.com

The Episode begins with Anjor asking Chakor to get the camera in which she recorded the most recent day occasions. She requests that her play the recording and afterward she will comprehend everything. Chakor plays the video. Raghav yells Chakor. Chakor stresses and finishes the call. Anjor says possibly Raghav has seen her. She appeals to God for Chakor. Raghav takes Chakor and shocks her on her birthday. She enjoys the astonishment. She supposes my birthday was to be commended yesterday, for what reason is Suraj praising today.

He requests that her grin and be cheerful. They move. Sameer gets furious seeing Vanshika and reviews Kiku’s words. He chastens her for lying about her pregnancy. She cries and says you are stating this as you would prefer not to wed that young lady. He says shut up, Kiku let me know everything, you are eating papaya here, answer me. She admonishes him. Raghav and Chakor eat. He conveys her to the room. He gets the infusion. He infuses her. He says prescription will give you a consolation, rest now, I need to return for work. He goes. Anjor covers up and looks on. He looks outside. She flees. Chakor says this is the opportunity to discover reality.

She gets a few archives. She gets a wallet and checks. She gets Raghav’s personality card. She gets stunned perusing Raghav’s name and says however he is Suraj. Anjor rings the ringer. She says for what reason isn’t mumma opening the entryway, is there anybody at home or not. Raghav says truly, there is. She gets stunned seeing Raghav. He asks who are you, for what reason did you come here. She says I m from social society, I came here to request gift. He requests that her demonstrate any ID.

Chakor comes and supposes I know her. Raghav requests that her go. Chakor asks who are you, come in. Anjor says I have come here for gift. Raghav says simply go from here. He takes Chakor inside. He inquires as to for what reason did you open the entryway. She says I thought you have come, for what reason did you return. He says I overlooked my wallet, so I came. She considers in the event that he goes to get wallet, he will realize I have his ID, I need to hold this back. He says I adore you a ton and get irate, I stress for you. She says I will proceed to get your wallet. She goes to washroom and records the day’s happenings, Raghav isn’t her significant other Suraj, its not protected to remain with him, he needs to leave from here. She takes a pack and leaves. She discovers all the entryway bolted. She goes to leave from the window. She gets stunned seeing Raghav with a blade.

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