Udaan 2 April 2019 Written Update – Prakash gets Sameer

Written Update: Udaan 2 April 2019 Written Update on starsofworld.com

The Episode begins with Jatin halting Anjor and asking her not to meet Sameer. Anjor gets furious on Kiku. She says Sameer is a decent kid. Jatin says Sameer disclosed to me that he isn’t keen on you, you have gone to imprison as a result of him. She says give him one shot, he is pleasant. He says to take a gander at yourself, you are my little girl, take a gander at your and Sameer’s principles. She says I couldn’t care less. He says you won’t meet him now.

Prakash gets Sameer to someplace. Sameer says I need to carry out my responsibility, what’s going on with you. Anjor comes to him and apologizes. He asks Anjor for what reason is she saying sorry to learn, for my examinations or occupation. She asks what, did you lose your employment. He says truly, your father has done this, I don’t need any inconveniences, sorry. She says father won’t do this, hear me out. He says remain away and leaves.

Chakor cleans the house and thinks to secure some great position soon. Jatin comes to meet her. He says I need to talk something demon. Minty sees Anjor coming and begins the dramatization. She asks Poonam not to shroud reality. Poonam says you fouled up. Anjor asks what’s going on. Poonam says nothing, you go in. Anjor hears them. Poonam says you won’t advise anything to Anjy. Anjor asks what are you concealing, let me know. Minty says Anjy should know reality, Chakor left Anjy and now she has come back with requests. She demonstrates the video. She says simply observe what she asked Poonam. Anjor gets stunned seeing Chakor taking money and gems.

Minty says Chakor requested a cost to avoid you, I was likewise there and recorded their arrangement. Poonam says don’t stress Anjy. Minty says we lament that Chakor has never adored you, she compromised Poonam that she will grab you. Anjor furiously goes. Poonam says now Anjy won’t let Chakor approach. Anjor yells for what reason did you return my life. She cries. Jatin gets Chakor home. Poonam gets stunned. Jatin says I thought to get Chakor home, she will work here, she lost her school employment.

Poonam says I m upbeat, she is instructed, she merits superior employment. Chakor expresses gratitude toward them. She says I simply need work, don’t stress. Jatin says I have another thought process to employ you, I need you to invest energy with your girl, your separations will get less. Poonam says you did well, you both will join together. Jatin requests that she demonstrate the house to Chakor. Poonam gets furious.

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