Udaan 18 June 2019 Written Update – She is carrying Sameer’s child

Written Update: Udaan 18 June 2019 Written Update on starsofworld.com

Chakor shoots. A vase breaks. Everybody gets stunned. Chakor flees. Ranvijay goes to see. He stops every one of the artists. He says there were three artists, it implies one of them was Chakor, discover her. He asks Bua to take Anjor to room. Bua makes Anjor sit in the room. Ranvijay comes there. Chakor is covering up in the room. She has a weapon close by.

Ranvijay comes there and attempts to get into mischief with Anjor. Chakor blows up and goes to assault him. Somebody thumps the entryway. Chakor covers up. Jaya and Manoj come and take Anjor with them. Famous Udaan 18 June 2019.

Jaya asks what’s going on, Anjor will lay down with me. Ranvijay says leave her. Manoj yells leave her, on the off chance that you contact Anjor, I won’t leave her. Jaya says Anjor is conveying Sameer’s belly, how could you gravely observe her, you said you need vengeance on Chakor, its enough, Anjor is my bahu, I won’t endure in the event that you seriously observe her.

Ranvijay blows up. They leave with Anjor. Chakor looks on. Ranvijay ruins the bedding and goes. Jaya asks Anjor to rest. Anjor can’t and says I need to rest on bloom bed. Manoj says rest here at this point. He rests in visitor room. Jaya goes to get water. Chakor expresses gratitude toward Jaya for sparing Anjor. Jaya says I helped Anjor as she is conveying Sameer’s tyke. Chakor says then given me a chance to take my little girl. Jaya says you simply go from here, you know Ranvijay.

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