Udaan 17 June 2019 Written Update – She Dances in Ranvijay Party

Written Update: Udaan 17 June 2019 Written Update on starsofworld.com

Chakor says Anjor is pregnant, Lord has flopped all your insidious plans. Ranvijay says I won’t let her go, realizing she is conveying this current family’s beneficiary. He giggles and asks her not to take the necessary steps wherein she fizzled. He says you neglected to take Anjor previously, presently quit attempting.

She grins and says I will straightforwardly meet her now, you can stop me on the off chance that you can. She clarifies him the principles and says only a spouse has first appropriate on a pregnant young lady, else her folks get the rights, I m Anjor’s mum, you have done what you needed to, see what I do now. She grins.

Udaan 17 June 2019

Ranvijay goes to Bua and determines what Chakor said. Bua requests that he execute Anjor. Legal counselor acclaims Chakor for knowing her rights. He guarantees to support her. Ranvijay says I will render retribution on Chakor and Anjor. Bua asks in what manner will you do this, answer me.

Chakor and legal counselor achieve the police headquarters. Monitor consents to help. He goes out and calls Ranvijay to caution him. Ranvijay says let Chakor come, don’t stop her. Monitor says beyond any doubt. Chakor comes there with police and legal advisor. Ranvijay welcomes her. Legal counselor requests that he get Anjor, Chakor will take Anjor home according to her rights.

Udaan 17 June 2019

Ranvijay says have desserts till, at that point, your displeasure will end now. He calls Anjor there. Anjor comes wearing a marriage dress and festoons. Chakor and legal counselor get stunned. Ranvijay presents Anjor as his significant other. He asks Anjor to take Chakor’s endowments. Chakor reproves Ranvijay and raises a hand. She says this marriage is phony. The general population state we have seen their marriage.

Ranvijay says I m Anjor’s significant other now, you have no rights on her now. Chakor says you are a creature Ranvijay. Reviewer stops her. Ranvijay says you got back home and you need to undermine me, I can send you to imprison. Chakor will not go. The controller requests that she leave. Chakor asks Anjor to accompany her, she is her mum. Anjor calls her awful aunt and will not go with her.

Chakor cries and leaves. The legal counselor says Ranvijay is currently Anjor’s better half, it won’t be great to take Anjor. Chakor says I can’t acknowledge this law, all of you don’t know Ranvijay, he won’t extra Anjor, I won’t let this occur, he wedded Anjor so I don’t take her back, I will take Anjor with me.

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