Udaan 14 May 2019 Written Update – Jatin Learns Poonam’s Truth

Written Update: Udaan 14 May 2019 Written Update on starsofworld.com

The Episode begins with Poonam saying Chakor is acting sick, she didn’t lose her memory. She inquires as to for what reason are you doing this. She hauls Chakor. Anjor stops her and says Chakor isn’t doing any show, accompany me, I will clarify. She takes Poonam to room and says I have put all recollections on the divider, simply the way Raghav used to do, when Chakor awakens each day, she will know our identity, I have put Sameer’s pic also. Chakor insults Poonam. Poonam calls the investigator to inconvenience Chakor.

Chakor thinks how low will Poonam fall. Anjor says this man is honest. Poonam says he admitted that he executed Raghav, I got the video of Sitapur inn, I got the recording, I have seen a lady who has assaulted Chakor. Poonam is stunned. Sameer enlightened Anjor concerning the recording. Poonam hacks. Anjor gets water for her. Anjor says that lady was fortunate that her face wasn’t found in the video, I would have known her, for what reason don’t you see the video, perhaps you would know. Poonam says Chakor has numerous adversaries in Aazaadgunj. Chakor says I m pleased with Anjor, she has raised her voice against equity, she is fearless. Anjor asks Poonam to say thanks to Sameer, he has taken her to Sitapur and that is the reason she got the video. She guarantees to not go anyplace once more.

Anjor embraces her. Chakor grins. Poonam stresses. Anjor goes to Chakor and asks her not to take pressure about anything. Chakor says I m living as you are with me, I m glad for you, I m stressed for you. Anjor says I will discover, I got fearlessness from you, I remember everything. Sameer comes. Anjor comes to Jatin. She says whoever has done this with Chakor, I need to find that individual, I confide in you the most. Jatin says I will support you and tackle this case, you need to avoid this issue, it’s hazardous. She says no, we will understand this together.

Sameer asks to what extent will we do this. Chakor says I need to do this to spare Anjor from Poonam, Anjor is guiltless, we need to uncover Poonam. Jatin comes there to converse with Chakor. Chakor says Sameer you realize that Poonam is frantic, she can murder anybody. Sameer says I m with you. She says when I demonstration of this phony ailment, my heart breaks. Jatin looks on stunned. He says you can fall so low, you are acting sick, Poonam said right, I can’t trust this, I will get your reality out.

Chakor says I have confronted much foul play, I m doing this for bringing out the truth, Poonam is behind this, simply observe the video once. Jatin goes. Jatin checks the video and supposes I have seen this shawl someplace. He hurries to check the organizer. He gets Poonam’s shawl. He says I can’t trust Poonam did this. He comes to Chakor. She says Poonam has murdered Raghav, she is extremely shrewd, she has done this. Jatin comes to Anjor. He says I have discovered an onlooker, who has seen the assailant. Poonam gets stressed.

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