Udaan 14 June 2019 Written Update – Chakor gets Shocked Seeing her

Written Update: Udaan 14 June 2019 Written Update on starsofworld.com

Anjor asks what befell her. Ranvijay says she is fine, accompanied me. Bua reprimands Anjor at home. Bua raises a hand. Ranvijay stops her. Anjor takes cover behind him. He says don’t beat her, she is a brilliant fledgling, clarify her with her. He clarifies Anjor with adoration. Ranvijay goes to meet the customers and auctions Anjor. He takes the cash. Anjor heaves. The man says she looks unwell. Ranvijay says she is fine, the climate is awful.

Udaan 14 June 2019 Written Update

Anjor falls debilitated. Chakor is oblivious. She gets up. She sees the sanctuary and petitions God for Anjor’s security. The specialist checks Anjor. Chakor sees the diya and consumes the ropes. Anjor gets cognizant. Jaya and Manoj look on. The specialist says there is nothing to stress, Anjor is pregnant, she will be fine. Ranvijay asks by what method would this be able to occur. The specialist says don’t stress, there is no reason to worry. She goes.

Ranvijay asks the customers not to stress, they can manage this issue. The customer says we are not stone hearted, we have a few morals, we can’t do this arrangement, sorry. They leave. Bua says now Anjor is pointless for us. Anjor asks what occurred, for what reason are you so furious, have chocolate. Ranvijay slaps her. She yells for what reason did you beat me, you are an awful uncle. Jaya stops Ranvijay and says leave her, she is pregnant. Ranvijay goes. Chakor gets free.

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