Udaan 11 June 2019 Written Update – Ranvijay Kidnaps Sameer

Written Update: Udaan 11 June 2019 Written Update on starsofworld.com

Chakor thinks whether they don’t come in ten mins, I will go to haveli. Vanshika sits in the puja, by concealing her face. Sameer and Anjor run out. Anjor says express gratitude toward God Vanshika helped us and worn that saree given by Bua, she is separated from everyone else there. Sameer says mother and father are there, loosen up accompany me.

Chakor gets Anjor’s message that they left from the haveli and will reach soon. Sameer says its great we left on opportune time. They run and see Ranvijay in front. Sameer says I was simply demonstrating the town to Anjor, we will come soon. Ranvijay stops him. Bua questions on Vanshika. Vanshika gets strained.

Udaan 11 June 2019

Bua says you acted like Anjor. She slaps Vanshika. She reprimands Jaya and Manoj. She says Anjor has gone out, she will discover her better half dead at this point. Ranvijay says you have seen my fact. Sameer says this would have not occurred I knew your fact previously. Ranvijay says I m exceptionally mean, don’t attempt to flee. Sameer says none can stop us, give up to police, we will support you.

Ranvijay snickers and says you think I m a trick. His goons get Anjor. Chakor hangs tight for Sameer and Anjor. Sameer and Anjor get captured. Sameer asks Ranvijay to leave the detestable way and give up to police. Ranvijay goes to execute Anjor. Sameer says simply converse with me. Chakor searches for them. Ranvijay reprimands him. He asks Sameer not to meddle in his work, Anjor is his adversary’s little girl. Sameer says I will open your abhorrence to police and send you to imprison.

Ranvijay says you are alive as you are my nephew, shut up and don’t stir the fiend in me. Anjor asks Ranvijay to leave them. Sameer says I confided in you, you tricked everybody. Anjor says stop it Sameer. Sameer says he is a weakling, I m embarrassed about him, he can simply torment the townspeople and ladies, he isn’t a man. Ranvijay blows up and assaults Sameer. Chakor and Anjor get stunned.

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