Tzi Ma Height

[pricing] [pricing_column] [price comment=]5ft 7 in[/price] [/pricing_column] [pricing_column] [price comment=]170 cm[/price] [/pricing_column] [pricing_column] [price comment=]1.70 m [/price] [/pricing_column] [/pricing]

Tzi Ma was born on the 10th of June, 1962 in British Hong Kong. He is an American, Chinese and Hongkong actor who has worked in several movies. His appearance in different American movies made him a global star. He gained American publicity due to her Television series “Rush Hour”, 24, Arrival and the Man in the High Castle. Recently he has worked in a movie “Skyscraper” as “Fire Chief Zheng'” in 2018, this movie got a good response from Boxoffice and included in top listed movies of 2018, rock was the leading actor in this movie.

Tzi Ma Height
Tzi Ma Height

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Height (ft): 5ft 7 Inches
Height (m): 1.70 m
Height (cm): 170 cm

He started acting on television since 1984 from “The Cosby Show” as Mr. Lee for one episode, since then he has worked almost 122 movies and television serials. He has signed a new project as Mr. Young in 2019’s upcoming Television series “Wu Assassins”. Tzi Ma ‘s upcoming movies are as under.

  • The Farewell – 2019 as Haiyan
  • Tigertail – 2019 as Grover, the movie in post-production
  • Mulan -2020 as Hua Zhou (Recently working on it)
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