Tujhse Hai Raabta 5 July 2019 Written Episode Update – Kalyani Spots the Boy

Written Update: Tujhse Hai Raabta 5 July 2019 Written Episode Update on starsofworld.com

The Episode begins with Anupriya seeing some other infant at home in place of Moksh. She supposes Kalyani is correct and blacks out. Sarthak comes there and asks Anupriya to pick up cognizance. Anupriya gains awareness and tells that Moksh is in peril. She says medical clinic. Sampada is in the clinic and converses with the guardian. He calls the couple there.

Sampada requests that they receive her child and after that go to another nation. She says she will reach there following a week and recover her child. She says Malhar won’t let Atharv take Moksh with us. Kalyani is looking Sampada. Sampada sees the medical attendant and admonishes the guard. She says no one will realize what I need to do with my child.

Kalyani sees Anupriya is in the medical clinic as Sarthak brought her. Does she ask what was the deal? Anupriya says she had little damage. Sarthak says he got her lockjaw infusion and requests that her fare thee well. He leaves. Anupriya asks what are you doing here and says she needs to enlighten her regarding Billu. Kalyani says she is looking Billu.

Tujhse Hai Raabta 5 July 2019

Sampada tells gatekeeper that she got her child’s phony international ID and the name changed for Moksh so the couple doesn’t have an issue to take him. She requests that they take him to Dubai and says Atharv and I will take him from you there. She says tomorrow I will come and offer Moksh to you. Guardian tells that Kalyani saw me with Moksh today.

Kalyani asks Anupriya to act till she heads inside. Sampada tells guardian that they will be cautious, in the event that Malhar comes to think about her arrangement, at that point he won’t let Moksh go. Kalyani goes to the CCTV room. A Security fellow comes there. Kalyani covers up. She doesn’t see Sampada. Anupriya sees Sampada going with Moksh and asks her.

The couple advises that they will converse with her about cash once. Guardian says I will converse with her, she left at this point. Anupriya asks what are you doing here? Sampada says this is my child so I will deal with him. She says I don’t have the propensity to meddle in others matter. She calls gatekeeper and says Kalyani should likewise be here. Kalyani scans for the guardian which she saw with Moksh. Guard covers up. Anupriya messages Kalyani to come as Sampada is having Moksh. Kalyani attempts to go to Sampada.

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