Sufiyana Pyaar Mera 8 October 2019 Episode Written Update – What Rubina says to Zaroon?

Written Update: Sufiyana Pyaar Mera 8 October 2019 Episode Written Update on

The Episode begins with Madhav and Zaroon searching for Krish and Saltanat. They get the recorders and state it was Kainat’s arrangement. They blow up. Rubina says Zaroon has revealed to me that he will get Saltanat home. Zainab says in the event that he told this, at that point he will most likely get her. They get the image outline. They see Kainat with Zaroon. Zainab cries and tosses the image.

Madhav and Zaroon hear some stable. They go to see the fire. They get stunned and surge inside. Madhav sees the fakers. Zaroon says its equitable fakers, where is Kainat. Madhav says she is playing with us. Some time back, Saltanat asks Kainat to leave Krish. She hears Krish yelling for assistance. Kainat goes to her and grins.

She embraces Saltanat and says you don’t have the foggiest idea what I have done to see you once, on the off chance that I realized you are alive. Rubina and Nadim see the wreckage in the house. They get stressed. Zainab cries and says its everything my error, when I got an opportunity, I ought to have murdered her, Saltanat’s life is in threat. Nadim says I will illuminate the police, don’t stress.

Sufiyana Pyaar Mera 8 October 2019

Saltanat asks where is Krish. Kainat inquires as to why not like me, we will talk for some time and invest energy. Saltanat says I don’t recall that anything, we can overlook everything, overlook this, let Krish go. Kainat asks is this so natural to overlook it, it’s my youth torment, you gave me this torment. Saltanat says simply leave Krish.

Nadim and Sneha contend to get FIR recorded. Indu says we have started things out, simply pause. Rubina says attempt to get it. Examiner says no compelling reason to battle, all of you desired a similar case. Rubina says however we haven’t seen them.

Zainab says I know them, Indu is Sakshi’s mum, Sakshi was executed by Kainat, Sakshi had an ill-conceived connection with Naved. Kainat asks would you like to spare Krish. She demonstrates a clock bomb attached to Krish’s wheelchair. Saltanat gets stunned. Kainat says I m grateful to this child, he helped me, I have executed Madhav’s sister and Zaroon’s mum, yet every one of the penances went futile, Zaroon cherishes you, I had gone through the wedding night with Zaroon. Saltanat attempts to review.

Kainat says it was one of the most wonderful nights of my life, I satisfied everything I could ever want, you would be worn out now, take some rest now. She hits on Saltanat’s head. Saltanat tumbles down. Zainab educates everything regarding Kainat and her wrongdoing to execute Sakshi and Naved. Nadim says so you murdered Naved. Zainab says indeed, its incident as a result of me, I was visually impaired in Kainat’s adoration and secured her wrongdoing, I m likewise liable for this, I give up to the police.

Indu says goodness, you are tolerating your wrongdoing now, you figure we will excuse you effectively. Nadim says Sakshi was similarly liable for this, she made an ill-conceived connection and broke a family. Indu says she gave her life, my grandson is in risk today. Examiner says quit battling, we have cautioned the group, they are discovering Kainat and Krish, simply go. Saltanat gets cognizant.

She says I won’t let you succeed. Kainat asks truly. Saltanat requests that her approach and see. She gets Kainat. She leaves her and requests that her leave Krish. Krish cries. Kainat says everybody had utilized my honesty, so I began utilizing my psyche. Saltanat asks what will you get doing this.

Kainat says I can destroy you utilizing him, you never bite the dust, you have turned into a revile for him. Saltanat says murder me, however, let him go. Kainat hits on her head again and says shut up when I talk. Saltanat tumbles down. FB closes.

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