Sufiyana Pyaar Mera 5 July 2019 Written Update – Zaroon Afraid For Staying Without Marriage

Written Update: Sufiyana Pyaar Mera 5 July 2019 Written Update on

The Episode begins with Zaroon and Saltanat asking Preeti to release them, they have no cash to pay for taxi toll and lease. Preeti says you both have run off, it’s fine, Akshay and I additionally ran off and came here to begin another life. Saltanat gets some information about Miyajaan. Zaroon says no. They get back home. Saltanat says we are coming.

She glances around. Zaroon says you figure we should remain here. She says this is the choice of destiny, we left home to demonstrate our adoration right, we will remain here and disclose our discernment to Miyajaan, we will come clean to them when the opportune opportunity arrives. Kainat and Sabina come there. Kainat tumbles down in the soil and peruses the provoking line on the vehicle’s trunk.

She asks Sabina to support her. Sabina says they are improper to return here. They hear Dadi yelling, what’s more, see her dealing with a vegetable seller. Kainat says now observe what I do with Saltanat. She goes to Dadi and changes her voice. She asks Dadi didn’t she get uplifting news. She says Saltanat removed her sister’s eventual spouse.

Sufiyana Pyaar Mera 5 July 2019

Dadi says Saltanat is Miyajaan’s granddaughter. Kainat says I m Abbas’ better half, well done to you, Saltanat and Zaroon are back in this path. Dadi asks what. Kainat says truly, see that Saxena’s home, Saltanat is there, I have seen her and thinking to advise this to Miyajaan. Dadi says no compelling reason to let him know, I will let him know. Kainat says compliment him to turn into an incredible granddad, Saltanat is pregnant. Dadi gets stunned. Kainat goes to Sabina.

Dadi says Saltanat is pregnant. She grins. Rubina says this can’t occur, I don’t trust Sabina. Miyajaan requests Kainat. Nadim says she has gone to Dargah. Dadi accompanies individuals playing Dhol. Dadi says well done to all of you from my side. Miyajaan inquires as to why. Dadi says this uplifting news will stun you. Miyajaan says I don’t need any show now.

Sufiyana Pyaar Mera 5 July 2019

She says you will get a cheerful hearing this uplifting news. She requests that they have desserts. She says Rubina will move toward becoming Nani, Saltanat is pregnant. They get stunned. Dadi moves on dhol. Miyajaan stops her and asks how might you get such shabby contemplations at the top of the priority list, how could you affront me. She asks Hamza to perceive how his Nana is taking to his Dadi.

Dadi says I just said Saltanat is pregnant, Rubina knew this and concealed this enormous thing. Miyajaan asks is she saying reality. Rubina says no. Nadim gets some information about this. Rubina says indeed, Sabina let me know. Miyajaan asks did anybody say this at the medical clinic. Ghazala says no, we went there however kids left from that point, we couldn’t discover anything.

Dadi says to call them here and ask them, I realize where are they. She asks Miyajaan to take a brief trip and perceive how Saltanat is destroying their regard. Saltanat tells Akshay and Preeti that she is Miyajaan’s fabulous little girl. Miyajaan and everybody come there. Zaroon grins. Saltanat welcomes Miyajaan. She grins seeing them.

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