Sufiyana Pyaar Mera 4 May 2019 Written Update – Can Saltanat’s help Zaroon?

Written Update: Sufiyana Pyaar Mera 4 May 2019 Written Update on

The Episode begins with Saltanat inquiring as to whether the result is against you. Kainat says in the event that I genuinely cherished Zaroon, he can’t be of any other person. Saltanat asks is your affection genuine and others’ adoration is false. Kainat says others’ adoration is my wish, my affection is by older folks’ choice, it’s extraordinary. Rubina gives the Nek to Kainat. Zaroon grins seeing Saltanat. He prepares. Mamoon makes him wear Pagdi. Saltanat prepares. Kainat looks on. Saltanat sees Kainat and feels awful.

Dada ji pronounces the commitment. Zaroon approaches Saltanat for her hand. Rubina asks Saltanat to give her hand. Dada ji asks Saltanat to advance her hand. Saltanat says I need to ask something. She asks completes a young lady have an equivalent ideal as a person to pick her life accomplice. Dada ji says religion doesn’t have prejudice towards people. Saltanat says then I will utilize my privilege and deny for this connection. Everybody gets stunned.

Zaroon approaches the explanation behind her refusal. She says the same reason you have given. He gets stunned reviewing his refusal to Kainat. She goes. Kainat looks on. Zaroon cries. Kainat proceeds to ask at the Dargah. Neelam says I realize you cherish Zaroon. Saltanat says it’s not about adoration, it’s not about us, it’s about ladies, to what extent will we get rejected. They hear the sound and hurry to see.

Rubina tosses things. She slaps Saltanat and asks what did you do. Mamoon says you ought to have advised previously on the off chance that you needed to won’t, for what reason did you make a show. She asks did Zaroon decline before coming here, he likewise made a dramatization. Rubina says there is contrast among people. Saltanat asks who is this general public to underestimate the ladies, when the religion gives us equivalent rights, I needed to won’t, you prevented me from saying anything, for what reason are you irritated, my standards are with the end goal that I can’t be right towards my Lord, sorry on the off chance that I hurt all of you, I can’t change my standards.

Mamoon says you have harmed we all, we are against your choice. Nadim comes and says I m with my little girl’s choice. Zaroon used to same right and Sultanate has a similar right. Zaroon comes and sees her. Dada ji offers petitions. Zainab comes and apologizes to him. He says I m in charge of this, I had a fantasy to join two families, I wasn’t right to rely upon my kids. Nadim comes and says in the event that we locate the moon tomorrow, Ramadan will begin, we need to keep Iftaar feast each day at the Dargah.

He demonstrates the rundown of things. Dada ji requests that he choose it himself in the event that he has assumed the liability. Zainab says I never observed Miyajaan so agitated. Saltanat compliments Kainat that the choice was made to support her. Kainat asks did you come to demonstrate your support. Saltanat says no, to compliment you. Kainat approaches did you do this for me. Saltanat says no, for my standards, it’s a similar dress which you got for me, Zaroon will wed you, I will disclose him to acknowledge you and your adoration.

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