Sufiyana Pyaar Mera 4 July 2019 Written Episode Update – Saltanat is Pregnant?

Written Update: Sufiyana Pyaar Mera 4 July 2019 Written Episode Update on

The Episode begins with Zaroon asking were you stuck inside the waters, your telephone was off, you went to companion’s home and after that met me at setting, why. Saltanat reviews Zainab’s words. Zainab says I truly need the offender to get captured, yet everybody will stress knowing over this occurrence. He asks how watered fill in your lungs. He says I was outside and it was down-pouring. He says however this didn’t occur with me. She says I m unwell and you are playing this test. He is sorry.

She says this time I m persuaded effectively. She supposes sorry, I would prefer not to inconvenience you much. She kisses him. She doesn’t give him a chance to kiss her. They grin. He says we will go from here and deal with some how. Nilam says we can call Zaroon and Saltanat here, where will they go. Dadi says no compelling reason to do this, don’t dare, Miyajaan made Zaroon away, we got an opportunity to get the position of royalty now, Hamza simply please Miyajaan, possibly you can get the honored position, Miyajaan can understand that his children’s kids are pointless, he can make you the beneficiary.

Sufiyana Pyaar Mera 4 July 2019

Nilam and Hamza request that she stop it. Dadi reproves Nilam. Zaroon comes to Saltanat and sees her resting. He sits close to her. He deals with her. He grins and reviews their minutes. She awakens and sees him. She jokes. They chuckle. He asks are you fine, I got some garments and meds. The pregnant woman in a similar general ward gets work torment. Zaroon hurries to call the specialist for her. The specialist comes to check the woman. The attendant says we need blood for her, her blood gathering isn’t accessible. Zaroon says let me give my blood, my blood gathering is the same. Medical caretaker asks do you have any disease. He says no.

Zaroon gives the blood. Saltanat asks the woman not to stress, she will get fine, for what reason is only she, where is her significant other. The woman says my significant other is a driver, he went to Vaishnodevi, he will come tomorrow, we need cash to run the house, I didn’t wish to inconvenience him. Saltanat says it’s fine, there is no reason to worry. Zaroon returns. Saltanat inquires as to whether he is fine. Saltanat prevents him from romancing. She expresses gratitude toward him for his assistance towards that woman. He expresses profound gratitude is advised to outsiders, not dear ones. She asks where will we go once I get released tomorrow, we have no cash. He asks her not to stress.

Its morning, Zaroon helps Saltanat prepare. She asks did you truly think I m pregnant. He grins and says our voyage depends on trust, I confide in you, I will never question you. She grins. She says you are flawless and talk all the more dazzling things. He asks truly. He says it’s as yet hurting in my grasp. Zaroon and Saltanat get leaving. He asks her not to stress, they will deal with somehow. Rubina, Zainab, and Ghazala come to meet them at the medical clinic. Ghazala misses to see them. Zaroon hears them and asks did you hear anything. Saltanat says truly, your heartbeat, accompany me. The medical attendant says Saltanat got released. Ghazala asks is Saltanat pregnant. The medical caretaker says sorry, we don’t enlighten anybody concerning patients

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