Sufiyana Pyaar Mera 30 April 2019 Written Update – Kainat Takes A Decision

Written Update: Sufiyana Pyaar Mera 30 April 2019 Written Update on

The Episode begins with Dada ji saying Kainat will choose for Zaroon’s desire, on the off chance that she cannot, at that point Zaroon and Saltanat won’t get hitched ever. Zainab asks Rubina not to constrain Kainat to change her choice, else she will approach Kainat to deny for this partnership. She takes Kainat with her. Zaroon sits stressed. Saltanat goes to Dargah. She purchases something and gives cash. She goes to ask. Kainat is likewise there. Saltanat asks will I counsel you in the event that you are discovering hard to choose. Kainat says no need, me and my Lord are sufficient for myself. Zaroon comes to Saltanat and says I have stood firm, presently you bolster me.

She says Dada ji didn’t ask me, however Kainat, you will likewise sit tight for Kainat’s choice. She goes. He stops her, holding her hand. He does shayari. She goes. Hamza comes to Kainat and approaches her to appeal to God for herself. She goes. He says Zaroon and Saltanat will wed at any expense. Mamoom and Nadim go to an eatery to meet their spouses. Mamoon says on the off chance that anybody sees us meeting along these lines, what will they think. Rubina says that is the reason, we called you to this little eatery. Ghazala says we need to discuss Zaroon and Saltanat’s marriage. Kainat goes to Dada ji for a discussion. She requests that he favor her.

He asks what favoring do you need. She says I need to ask you something. He says inquire. She inquires as to for what reason did you leave this major choice on me. Mamoon says here choices are taken by conversing with the family. Dada ji says you acknowledged my choice, however Zaroon ruined your joy, you will choose on the off chance that he will get joy, Saltanat isn’t caring for you, her childhood is unique. Rubina says I will challenge Dada ji’s choice for Saltanat’s bliss, Nadim needs to help me. Ghazala says its regarding my child’s satisfaction, if Kainat cannot, I will oppose this choice.

Dada ji asks Kainat to think well and take a choice. Kainat gestures and goes. Mamoon asks what will you do if Kainat won’t. Rubina says in the event that Dada ji acknowledges Kainat’s refusal… Ghazala says and, after its all said and done Zaroon and Saltanat will wed in Canada. Kainat comes to Zainab to converse with her. She says I m befuddled, you have dependably trained me the right and terrible way, you aren’t directing me today, for what reason are you quiet. Zainab says you need to take this choice on possess, I need to know whether my childhood passed or fizzled, regardless of whether my girl chooses by heart or by psyche. She goes. Kainat cries. Saltanat looks on. Zaroon goes to Dargah and supplicates. He considers Saltanat. Kainat and Saltanat consider Zaroon. Kainat comes to reveal to her choice. Everybody takes a gander at her.

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