Sufiyana Pyaar Mera 3 July 2019 Written Episode Update – Saltanat Kisses Zaroon

Written Update: Sufiyana Pyaar Mera 3 July 2019 Written Episode Update on

The Episode begins with Zaroon getting Saltanat to the emergency clinic. He sends her for treatment. He turns behind and looks. Attendant requests that he fill the structure so they concede Saltanat. He requests that she fill the structure. He checks for his wallet. He says sorry I overlooked my wallet, I will call my father. He reviews Mamoon’s words. He gets some cash and asks will this be sufficient.

Zaroon reveals to her names and goes. The medical caretaker says their surname is same, possibly he is her significant other. Zainab appeals to God for her youngsters. Rubina comes there and sees Zainab. Zainab cries and apologizes to her. Rubina cries and embraces Zainab. She says you completed a mix-up and amended it in time, you realize Saltanat’s adoration got unadulterated.

Sufiyana Pyaar Mera 3 July 2019

Zainab says I can simply petition God for my youngsters, that they get much bliss. Rubina says I stress for Saltanat a great deal, what will I do. Zainab says I additionally feel anxious. Zaroon deals with Saltanat and sits conversing with her. He says I was quite stressed for you. He requests that specialist check Saltanat. Sabina comes there and sees them. Saltanat requests water. Zaroon gets water for her. Saltanat asks Zaroon to have it, he needs it more.

Saltanat says this ward isn’t bad to the point, that young lady is grinning seeing us, it is anything but a joke to make somebody grin. The specialist comes to them and asks how is the patient identified with you. Zaroon says she is mine. The doctor says I trust she is your significant other, we don’t permit any other person than relative in the ward. He checks reports and says so she is your better half.

Zaroon says indeed, how could she black out down. Specialist requests that he ask his significant other, she would know. Zaroon says I m in strain if it’s not too much trouble let me know. The specialist says don’t stress, your significant other is pregnant, you will end up being a dad. They get stunned. Sabina looks on stunned.

Sufiyana Pyaar Mera 3 July 2019

Kainat slaps Sabina. Sabina yells Kainat, did you go distraught. Kainat says you have lost your brain, this can’t occur, Saltanat can’t be pregnant, Zaroon would have not contacted her at this point, no it’s every one of the falsehood. Sabina says perhaps it’s actual. Zaroon asks who is the guilty party. Saltanat asks how might I know, did you go frantic, did you have a BF.

She says indeed, you were my BF. He gets some information about Ranveer Singh. She says indeed, it would be Ranveer’s kid. The woman snickers hearing them and says sorry. Zaroon says I will proceed to converse with a specialist. Saltanat says converse with him pleasantly, it is uplifting news. Zaroon says shut up, I will simply come. He goes. She grins.

Sabina says everybody completed a slip-up. Rubina says get out in the event that you came to insult us. Kainat looks on. Sabina says I will likewise leave with your significant other at that point. Zainab stops Sabina. Sabina says I came to give stunning news, for what reason did Saltanat show enthusiasm for Zaroon when he came to wed Kainat, for what reason did she take Miyajaan’s authorization to go to Zaroon’s room. Rubina says Saltanat cherishes Zaroon. Ghazala says Zaroon adores Saltanat.

Sabina says I would prefer not to know such love that is communicated to conceal their wrongdoing, Saltanat isn’t unadulterated as she shows up. Rubina yells. Sabina says I have seen your little girl’s reality in the emergency clinic, they are attempting to conceal their transgression. Zainab asks what occurred. Sabina says Saltanat is pregnant, well done. They get stunned. Rubina slaps Sabina. The specialist says sorry. Zainab asks in what capacity can commit such a major error. The specialist says the attendant gave me a wrong report. The medical attendant says sorry, reports got changed.

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