Sufiyana Pyaar Mera 29 June 2019 Written Update – Miyajaan scolds Zainab

Written Update: Sufiyana Pyaar Mera 29 June 2019 Written Update on

The Episode begins with Mamoon blowing up on Saltanat for coming that day and falling in Zaroon’s arms. He says Zaroon would have hitched Kainat in the event that she came somewhat late, we won’t get anything from Miyajaan now. He blows up and condemns Saltanat. Ghazala approaches don’t you care for your child, I have seen his grin after quite a while, I can do anything for his joy. He requests that she express the equivalent to Miyajaan now.

Rubina pushes Zainab and closes the entryway. She reprimands Zainab for tying Saltanat by the guarantee and making her too vulnerable to even think about controlling her affections for Zaroon. She says you advised that support to Saltanat and caused her. Zainab says no, I didn’t reveal to her anything, pardon me, I completed a major mix-up, I would have fallen in my eyes if this marriage occurred.

Sufiyana Pyaar Mera 29 June 2019

I discovered Saltanatmto stop the marriage and made her free of my swear. Rubina says Miyajaan would have Saltanat and Zaroon hitched without anyone else on the off chance that you didn’t bound her, she simply did what you caused her to do. She pushes Zainab and says Saltanat will bear discipline of your wrongdoing, you will pay for it, recall this. She goes. Zainab cries.

Nilam and Hamza are extremely glad that Zaroon got his adoration. Nilam says everybody’s affection gets satisfied, possibly somebody seeks you. Dadi asks them not to be so cheerful, Miyajaan is irate and now the marriage won’t occur, there will be a war. Zaroon and Saltanat come to Miyajaan. Everybody looks on. Mamoon admonishes Zaroon and asks Ghazala to stay silent.

Sufiyana Pyaar Mera 29 June 2019

He says I revealed to you that you have come here to wed Kainat, why this, and you Saltanat, I cautioned you to avoid my child, how could you return his life. Miyajaan says they have overlooked their qualities and regard, they have adapted exactly how to shame us, not the great qualities which we educated them. Saltanat apologizes to Miyajaan. She says I attempted to overlook Zaroon yet I lost to my affection.

Zaroon says I adore Saltanat, it would be just plain wrong to wed Kainat. Miyajaan says your affection has destroyed our regard. Saltanat asks in what capacity can love to ruin somebody’s regard, you instructed me that nothing is unadulterated than adoration. Miyajaan says individuals are bringing up issues on us as a result of you. He admonishes Saltanat for not thinking about her sister’s life.

He says you will get rebuffed for this transgression. He asks Zaroon for what valid reason didn’t you revealed to me your sentiments, you will get rebuffed, you can’t malign us along these lines. Zainab says no, I merit the discipline, not Saltanat. Miyajaan asks what do you mean.

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