Sufiyana Pyaar Mera 27 April 2019 Written Update – Zaroon Seeks Saltanat Help

Written Update: Sufiyana Pyaar Mera 27 April 2019 Written Update on

The Episode begins with Zaroon saying I wish older folks got some information about our fantasies too. He says possibly then there would be some exit plan. Mamoon asks will we ask from you, how to gain proficiency with life. Zaroon requests that Dada ji give him only 24 hours and suspend his choice. Dada ji says fine, I need to perceive what arrangement will you get, that is devil than my fantasies, after that, an official conclusion will be made. Saltanat and Neelam play badminton. Zaroon comes there.

Neelam requests that they play and goes to get spruce up. Zaroon says I need to meet you for a discussion. Saltanat says sorry, I can’t meet you, you took 24 hours time from Dada ji to discover an answer, how can I come in the middle of this. He asks aren’t you my companion, won’t you help me. She says no, our relations are likewise suspended till 24 hours. She

goes. He gets considering. Neelam comes to Kainat and requests that her be inviting. Kainat asks how might I help you, let me know. Neelam says Hamza needs to meet you, he was stating, its for your benefit, he is your cousin, for what reason wouldn’t you be able to meet, he needs to discuss Zaroon, its your desire. Kainat asks the time and spot.

Rubina makes Saltanat prepare. Saltanat asks where are you taking me. Rubina says I m your genuine mum, accompany me, it will get late. Hamza and Kainat are en route. Kainat says you are my auntie’s child, I accompanied you, you realize I don’t go out with anybody, where are you taking me. He expresses profound gratitude, trust me, you will love. Rubina and Saltanat go to someplace and see the couples. Saltanat inquires as to for what reason did you get me here. Rubina says with the goal that you meet that individual. Saltanat goes to him and gets stunned seeing Zaroon. Rubina helped Zaroon. Rubina requests that they talk and goes.

Zaroon says we met alone before likewise, don’t you confide in me now. Saltanat says I confide in myself, I can meet any more abnormal, you are as yet a relative. He grins. She says its not about trust here, however the circumstance. A couple crashes into Saltanat. She falls over Zaroon. They have a minute. Hamza gets Kainat there and demonstrates them. He heard Zaroon.

Hamza says Zaroon isn’t doing this, Saltanat is doing this, on the off chance that Zaroon says indeed, and still, after all, that Saltanat’s rejected piece will come in your grasp, a second-hand spouse. Kainat cries and goes. Hamza grins. Zaroon asks Saltanat to help him. He says I need to hold your hand and go before your Dada ji and my father. She declines to him. He says on the off chance that I name you, kindly don’t decline there. She says you do what you discover right, however, don’t depend on me, when my seniors ask me.

I will answer what’s direct as indicated by my standards. He stresses. Hamza comes to Dadi and tells about Kainat, the amusement he played, he made Kainat against Saltanat. Dadi says Zaroon has come here for Kainat. He says I made him a second hand for Kainat, today around evening time it will be a debacle for them and gift for me. Everybody chooses outfits. Zainab and Rubina contend. Saltanat comes. Rubina goes to converse with her. Hamza grins.

Saltanat reprimands Rubina for abandoning her with a more interesting and returning home. Rubina says Zaroon is certifiably not a bizarre. Saltanat says his thought process is beyond the realm of imagination, you ought to have not done this. Rubina says I did this with the goal that the family remains joined together, everybody regards Dada ji, you realize that everybody is in strain, Zaroon’s refusal will end every one of the expectations of association of two families. Saltanat says please him that he is fouling up.

Rubina says you are my girl, who doesn’t care for my childhood today, I would have clarified him in the event that he was my child. Saltanat asks what do you need from me. Rubina gets the heavenly book and makes Saltanat swear on it. She says if Zaroon proposes you today, you won’t cannot.

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