Sufiyana Pyaar Mera 26 April 2019 Written Update – Zaroon Argues With Miyajaan

Written Update: Sufiyana Pyaar Mera 26 April 2019 Written Update on

The Episode begins with Zaroon revealing to Saltanat that despite everything he has his great qualities, numerous young ladies needed to wed him, however, he didn’t have any connection, as he had a picture of his life accomplice, just she is such a young lady. She asks what do you need from me. He holds her hands and says I cherish you, I will endeavor to satisfy your every fantasy, simply bolster me. Saltanat considers Kainat and leaves. Dadi asks Hamza to propose Kainat. Jaan asks her not to begin this once more, he has everything as of now throughout everyday life.

She solicits Hamza to simply think from his future. She asks Hamza to make Zaroon decline to Kainat and afterward make Kainat yours. Saltanat comes to Kainat and requests her father’s garments, which Zaroon will wear today. Kainat insults her. She says I can likewise give my mum’s widow garments to you. Zainab comes and asks Kainat what is she saying. She asks Kainat to have persistence and remain calm. She gives the garments for Zaroon. Saltanat says I didn’t feel terrible of Kainat’s words. She takes the garments and offers it to Nadim. Mamoon gets happy seeing the garments decorated on Zaroon.

Sufiyana Pyaar Mera 26 April 2019 Written Update

Everybody goes to the Dargah and asks. Zaroon comes there to satisfy the customs at the Dargah. Mamoon gets happy and considers getting the forces. Miyajaan/Dada ji reviews Zaroon’s words and stops him. Everybody gets stunned. The general population believes what’s going on. Dada ji completes the supplications and goes. He bolts the Dargah and asks Mamoon to converse with him at home. They leave. Mamoon gets maddened at Zaroon and takes her. Saltanat implores that her family remains in harmony. Hamza embraces Dadi. She asks what occurred. He advises her beginning and end. Jaan doesn’t concur with him. Dadi asks Hamza to make Kainat abhor Zaroon, with the goal that she weds him. Dada ji and everybody get back home.

He says I know all of you need to know why I didn’t let Zaroon play out the ceremonies. He says only my granddaughters have a privilege on my property, similar to men are allowed to peruse petitions in the mosque, men are given obligation of the Dargah, I thought to make Zaroon head the Dargah in the event that he weds my granddaughter, he will be just the overseer, the proprietor will be my granddaughters, along these lines, I envisioned to interface with my sibling’s family, Zaroon couldn’t keep my fantasies, so I can’t give this duty to Zaroon. Zaroon asks would I be able to state anything. Mamoon says no. Dada ji says I need to realize what he clears up, let him talk.

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