Sufiyana Pyaar Mera 24 June 2019 Written Update – Zainab Promises Zaroon to find Saltanat

Written Update: Sufiyana Pyaar Mera 24 June 2019 Written Update on

Its morning, Nilam asks would you truly like. Zaroon requests that she clarify Saltanat. She says she is missing since yesterday. He asks where did she go. Nilam says Nadim said she went to her companion’s home for a couple of days. He says I m experiencing a ton and she has left. Hirelings take the crate to drop in the waters. Saltanat says Zaroon…. He says Saltanat. what’s more, goes by the chest.

He holds the chest and after that goes. Nilam says you are harmed as she isn’t before you, in what capacity will you consume all your time on earth. He says agony is currently my destiny. Kainat embraces the Shagun garments. She gets cheerful. The workers get the chest in her room. Kainat and Sabina get stunned. Ghazala says Zainab revealed to me that Kainat has dumped some old things, I need to perceive what are the recollections which Kainat needs to dispose of. Kainat stops Ghazala and says I heard its an awful sign to open the chest once we lock it, enlighten me concerning the wedding dress and coordinating decorations.

Sufiyana Pyaar Mera 24 June 2019

Sabina requests that the hirelings leave. Rubina comes and hears Ammi. She stops close to the chest. She says Saltanat. I heard her calling me. Kainat says she has gone to her companion’s home. Rubina asks how would you know. Kainat says she let me know before going. Sabina says it’s great she left, we don’t need anybody’s dark shadow on Kainat’s bliss. Rubina and Ghazala contend with Sabina.

Kainat blows up observing Rubina applauding Saltanat. She says I need to prepare, go now. Hamza comes and asks Kainat to overlook everything, it’s not her slip-up, he simply needs her satisfaction. Kainat says thanks to him and requests that he drop the chest in the waters before her marriage. He says I will do it. Mamoon expresses gratitude toward Zaroon for filling satisfaction in his life. He says I m pleased with you. Zaroon says however I m embarrassed. Mamoon says you acknowledged this by your desire.

Sufiyana Pyaar Mera 24 June 2019

Zaroon says I did this as I was defenseless, you could have changed your choice. Mamoon says I did this for your future. Zaroon says this is your desire, not mine, you utilized me in your game. Mamoon inquires as to for what reason did you say yes. Zaroon says I cherish Saltanat so much that I prepared to leave her for her satisfaction. Zainab comes and gives sherwani for Zaroon. Hamza hauls the chest. Kainat thinks Saltanat will kick the bucket, and I will wed Zaroon.

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