Sufiyana Pyaar Mera 24 April 2019 Written Update – Zaroon Makes A Decision

Written Update: Sufiyana Pyaar Mera 24 April 2019 Written Update on

The Episode begins with Saltanat going to call Kainat. Kainat cries reviewing Zaroon’s words and endeavors to hurt herself. She turns out. Saltanat asks what occurred, you don’t look upbeat. Kainat does Shayari. Saltanat asks what do you mean. Kainat says you played your diversion, however, my amusement is still left, I have protested about you to Lord, presently he will see you. She goes. Saltanat figures what did she grumble. Kainat comes and sits. Dada ji says Kainat likes the ring. Zainab requests that her wear a ring and see. He asks what’s the issue, don’t you like my decision.

Zainab sees twisted on Kainat’s hand. Kainat says my finger got a cut by the bangle. Zainab asks Saltanat to attempt the ring. Saltanat says Kainat will get fine. Zaroon says I will attempt, and takes the ring to make Saltanat wear it. Everybody looks on. Hamza grins. Saltanat says ring size is correct. Dada ji says we will satisfy letter custom and furthermore fix commitment date. He asks Jaan to call his mum, she is oldest and she will compose the letter. Everybody asks at Dargah. They leave.

Sufiyana Pyaar Mera 24 April 2019 Written Update

Dada ji says Zaroon will assume control over the duty, I will give the heirship to the coming age. Mamoon grins. Zaroon wishes Saltanat consents to wed her. Kainat sees Zaroon and Saltanat. Zainab comes to Kainat and says you got rebuffed by Lord as you have conflicted with me, you shouldn’t have met Zaroon. Kainat says excuse me. She cries. Zainab embraces her. Rubina reviews Zaroon and asks Saltanat what’s happening. Saltanat says nothing. Rubina says answer me, what does Zaroon need from you.

Saltanat says he needs to wed me, not Kainat. Rubina gets stunned. She grins and asks do you like Zaroon. Saltanat says he has desired Kainat, not me. Rubina requests that her state, yes or no. Saltanat reviews Zaroon and says he isn’t for me. Rubina says I m your mum, I know everything, presently you won’t utter a word, even to Zaroon. Zainab says Dada ji won’t let treachery occur with you. She reassures Kainat. Rubina says we will choose everything now. Zaroon comes and meets everybody.

Dada ji says we keep this rasam to choose a wedding date. Zaroon wishes it was for Saltanat and him. Hamza’s Dadi signs him. Zaroon stresses and prevents her from composing Kainat’s name. He says I need to ask something, it’s about this commitment, its demon. Dada ji requests that he inquire. Zaroon asks Dada ji does the religion give him a privilege to pick his lady of the hour or not. Saltanat and everybody gets stunned.

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