Sufiyana Pyaar Mera 21 September 2019 Episode Written Update – Nadim says, What Happend?

Written Update: Sufiyana Pyaar Mera 21 September 2019 Episode Written Update on

The Episode begins with Zaroon going to sign on legal documents. Kainat yells Zaroon. They all race to her and ask what occurred. She embraces Zaroon. Nadim asks what occurred. She embraces Nadim and says I got an awful dream that somebody is isolating Zaroon and me, Zaroon’s hands consumed when he attempted to spare me at the café, you take all injuries on yourself to spare me.

She asks Nadim to see this. She says I m upbeat in my new life, Zaroon’s affection was tried there, I realize he cherishes me a ton, he can finish any assessment effectively, our adoration is an explanation behind our life. Kainat asks Rubina for what good reason is she so stressed. Jugal lifts the shopping packs. His telephone rings. A woman reprimands him for awful motion. He answers Sneha’s call and asks what’s this retribution, I m a human, not a jackass.

She says you lack the capacity to deal with blessings, I thought to arrange it. He says I have taken every one of the endowments. She requests that he get back home soon, demon visitors are coming. Jugal grins and says I should give instructing classes to dazzle spouse, I m mean. Kainat asks what, separate? In what capacity would dad be able? She asks Zaroon for what good reason is he rebuffing them. She says sorry, I won’t concur for this, I can give my life, I can’t end my connection with Zaroon, you better murder me.

Sufiyana Pyaar Mera 21 September 2019

Rubina asks what is she saying. She takes a blade and keeps on her wrist. Zaroon and Rubina stop her and request that she drop the blade, her separation won’t occur. Kainat embraces Rubina and cries. Nadim looks on and says this isn’t my girl, she has progressed toward becoming another person, being with you Zaroon. Kainat and Zaroon embrace Nadim.

She thinks to discover Saltanat and slaughter her. Indu respects visitors. Bhushan and family come. Indu says we like your girl a great deal, converse with Madhav once. Bhushan says it’s extreme to locate a pleasant young lady for a divorced person and single parent, we don’t think in this way, Kashak will be demonstrated a decent spouse and great mum. Kainat says I need to go to café now.

Nadim asks where are you going. She says I m going to get some outside air. He says the climate is terrible, you may become sick, come. Madhav educates Krish. Saltanat gets sustenance. She advises something to Krish. Saltanat and Krish dissent and ask Madhav to have nourishment first. They all have sustenance. Krish jokes and feeds bean stew to Madhav.

Sufiyana Pyaar Mera 21 September 2019

Madhav beverages water. Krish grins. Madhav says you have turned out to be exceptionally insidious. He pursues Krish. Kashak’s mum requests that she see Sneha’s adornments. Jugal gazes at Kashak. Krish wipes hands to Kashak’s dupatta. Kashak reprimands him a ton. Madhav and Saltanat come there. Sneha signs no to Indu. Krish thinks she had come to turn into my mum.

He proceeds to embrace Saltanat. Saltanat cleans his face with her saree pallu. She asks Krish to apologize. She says I m sorry to learn, when will kids do wickedness, we should deal with them well, the stain will get off effectively, in the event that we have recolor about children in our heart, it won’t go off effectively.

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