Sufiyana Pyaar Mera 21 June 2019 Written Update – Zainab Hears Them Alone

Written Update: Sufiyana Pyaar Mera 21 June 2019 Written Update on

Mamoon says in the event that you are so certain about Saltanat, at that point fine, I will allow both of you hours to persuade her, this is the trial of your trust, in the event that she doesn’t acknowledge your adoration, at that point I will never come in your manner, else you will do what I need, you will lose your father. Zaroon says you realize somebody is halting her, I won’t come in your words.

Mamoon breaks the jug and says this life is yours, however, we will be maligned, I won’t endure this. Mamoon takes steps to end it all. Ghazala stops him. Zaroon gets stressed. Mamoon says now you realize that this issue is so genuine for me, Zaroon you have two hours time. Saltanat considers Zaroon and her minutes. She cries.

Sufiyana Pyaar Mera 21 June 2019

Nilam comes and asks her for what good reason is she yielding her adoration for her sister. She gets Ayub’s call and detaches. Saltanat says don’t insult me now. Nilam embraces her and requests that she cried as much as she needs. Saltanat says no Nilam, why me generally, I realize this was in my destiny.

Nilam says Zaroon doesn’t have confidence in destiny, he has confidence in affection, he didn’t answer Miyajaan. Saltanat asks what, how might he decline to Miyajaan. Nilam says he pursues his heart and demonstrated that you are more pixie to him than Miyajaan. Saltanat says he can’t do this.

Sufiyana Pyaar Mera 21 June 2019

She answers Ayub’s call and reproves her. Ayub requests that her meet. She won’t. Nilam appeals to God for Saltanat. Zainab says Zaroon will never concur for this union. Miyajaan says one doesn’t get anything over destiny and before time, if the destiny has Kainat and Zaroon’s connection, none can stop them, else none can join them, so I left this to Lord.

Zainab gets some information about Kainat, consider the possibility that she attempts to end it all once more. Kainat comes to them. She does her enthusiastic show. Miyajaan comforts her. Kainat flees. Zainab and Miyajaan stress. Mamoon gets some information about the fantasies we have seen for Zaroon. Ghazala says we can’t constrain Zaroon. He says I gave him numerous odds, where is he.

Rubina says Saltanat said she is going to Dargah, I feel frustrated about her, Zaroon is her adoration. Nadim says Saltanat is such, she supposes Kainat completed a great deal for her and now she needs to do this for her, its wrong, what would we be able to do, we can simply ask such Saltanat’s reality gets harmony and joy. Zainab hears them. Mamoon stops Saltanat and says you will decline to Zaroon’s affection today. She cries. She goes to the Dargah.

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