Sufiyana Pyaar Mera 20 April 2019 Written Update – Saltanat Clears Zaroon Confusion

Written Update: Sufiyana Pyaar Mera 20 April 2019 Written Update on

The Episode begins with Dada ji asking Saltanat to demonstrate the house and Dargah to Zaroon. He requests that her offer older folks’ accounts with him. She concurs. Zaroon grins. Saltanat comes to meet Dadi. Hamza says its not my young lady, its Saltanat. Saltanat says this is my auntie’s home, my auntie is no more, you met Hamza and Neelam, this is their Dadi. Zaroon welcomes them. They have a discussion. Dadi asks Hamza to propose Kainat, else Zaroon will get her. She appeals to God for Hamza to get his affection. Zaroon and Saltanat have a minute. Zaroon sees the Dargah and gets some information about it. Hamza says Dada ji’s granddaughter’s better half will get the rights on this Dargah. Zaroon reviews Mamoon’s words and goes to implore in the Dargah.

Khwaja insignificant Khwaja plays. They all implore. Zaroon says you have made me the beneficiary of this enormous family, much appreciated Lord. Saltanat looks on. Kainat comes there and grins seeing Zaroon. Zaroon sees Saltanat and signs her. He sees Dada ji around. He flashes the watch glass light on Saltanat and grins. He escapes Dada ji. Dada ji asks Saltanat to put dupatta over the head, there are visitors at home. She says I m sorry, I will be cautious. Zaroon comes and welcomes Dada ji. Saltanat goes to call Mamoon.

Mamoon asks his significant other how could she like the nation. She says I didn’t quite a bit of it, yet I like this haveli and property, your father completed a major oversight by leaving the nation. He gestures and says this is everything, we have lost it, yet we will recover this. Saltanat comes and welcomes them. Mamoon favors her. His better half asks do regardless you take an interest in extravagant dress challenge. Saltanat says very little, why. Mamoon’s better half says I just asked that way. Saltanat says Dada ji is calling you. Mamoon’s better half gives her the bangles. Saltanat says this isn’t required. Mamoon says to keep it, we are additionally similar to your folks. His better half favors Saltanat. They leave.

Dada ji says we ought to have tea together. Dada ji approaches Zainab to send tea for Kainat to her room. Zaroon thinks who is Kainat. He says I have called you to state, I have kept a dining experience for your homecoming. Zaroon grins and messages Saltanat. He goes. Kainat sees Zaroon coming and escapes him. He goes. She sees Saltanat and says you generally win, I won’t let this happen now. Saltanat meets Zaroon. They have a minute. She says we are not constant to this. He says I will meet you until we get hitched. She inquires as to for what reason did you call me here. He says I need to state a lot of things. He asks who is Kainat, I met everybody in your home. She says your future spouse Kainat.

He gets stunned. He giggles and says you are kidding. She says time is kidding, you have come here for Kainat. He met Kainat. He says hold up a sec, are you saying that the young lady who seems as though you. She says yes. He sees Kainat’s pic and asks is she your twin sister. She says no, she is my uncle’s little girl, our looks are only an occurrence, nothing is regular between us aside from our faces, we resemble north and south posts, auntie showed her not to meet her husband to be. He says I thought you are my lady of the hour, you are my first and last decision Saltanat. She says its your error, on the off chance that you didn’t shroud your personality at the air terminal, everything would have cleared. He stops her. He asks her does she not feel anything for him. She gets weepy eyes.

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