Sufiyana Pyaar Mera 18 September 2019 Episode Written Update – Zaroon Shouts, Why?

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The Episode begins with Saltanat going to stop Rubina. Madhav stops her. She says I felt they know me. He says possibly your perplexity increments, don’t converse with anybody, better observe the spot and attempt to recall, I m sure you will remember something. Kainat awakens. Zaroon comes. He thinks what befell us, we both are same, for what reason do I feel unusual. Kainat sees him.

They prepare and leave. Zaroon requests that her drive the vehicle today. She gets stunned. He says when I came here from Canada, you picked me, come, drive now. She thinks I m attempting to slaughter Saltanat, he is destroying my name. He asks what occurred. She says nothing. She figures I will be trapped. He asks what’s going on with you, apparatus will break.

She escapes the vehicle and goes. He yells Saltanat, where are you going. She figures what to let him know. He yells Saltanat. Saltanat turns and goes to see. She doesn’t see him. Madhav comes and says it was a call from Krish’s school. Saltanat says don’t stress, he would be fine, I will drive. Zaroon and Kainat likewise go to school. Zaroon meets Krish and asks what occurred, all of you battled, did you get injured, demonstrate to me.

Sufiyana Pyaar Mera 18 September 2019

Kainat thinks who is this child who progressed toward becoming pixie for Zaroon, he spared me today. She reviews Zaroon asking Saltanat where is she going. He gets a call and says fine, I will come, there is dire work. She says Zaroon is overlooking everything for this kid. The woman says I need to converse with Krish’s father, I don’t have the foggiest idea why he called you.

Krish says father will chide me, Zaroon is my companion, he spared me before likewise, he will spare me today. She says I addressed your father, he is headed. Kainat gets stunned seeing Saltanat. She says how did Saltanat come here. She sees Madhav. She says Dr. Sharma and Saltanat together. She covers her face and turns. Madhav says I will meet them head and come, hold up here.

He goes. Saltanat stays there. Kainat expels the dupatta. She thinks what is Saltanat doing here, Dr. Sharma is likewise here, what’s going on between them. Madhav opens the entryway. The instructor gets him out and says you here. He says I came to meet head for Krish’s grumbling. Zaroon clarifies Krish. Krish says you are superior to me.

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