Sufiyana Pyaar Mera 18 June 2019 Written Update – Hamza and Kainat’s Marriage

Written Update: Sufiyana Pyaar Mera 18 June 2019 Written Update on

Zainab says Sabina is dealing with Kainat. Miya Jan says any other individual in her place would have exhausted of life, I couldn’t give Kainat any bliss. Hamza sits furious reviewing Sabina’s words. Nilam gets juice for him. He tosses the glass and says I don’t need any compassion and guidance. He sits crying. She placates him.

He says I never felt of anything, I feel like somebody grabbed my life from me. He says I simply adored Kainat, presently I feel life has turned out to be capricious. She says whatever happened is for possessing great, its Lord wishes and it can’t be right, you are exceptionally attractive, you will show signs of improvement young lady than Kainat.

Sufiyana Pyaar Mera 18 June 2019

Zaroon comes there and says so grieved, are you fine. Hamza says if anybody’s coalition breaks this way, will happen Zaroon. Zaroon says I don’t comprehend, why writers commendation love so much, it generally breaks hearts. Hamza says on the off chance that you find the solution, let me know, I have adored Kainat a ton.

Zaroon says possibly this is made to test mental fortitude, the heart can break, however, fearlessness shouldn’t break. He embraces Hamza. Nilam requests that he improve his mindset at this point. Nilam feels Saltanat ought to get some sense and not lose Zaroon. Dadi says your better half has fouled up, for what reason did she feed milk to Kainat, she just encouraged Kainat once, what might have occurred if the marriage occurred, we would have the heirship. Jaan says my significant other didn’t advise this to me previously, is this current somebody’s intrigue.

Nilam hears this. Kainat says its an arrangement, its time for the second step, you realize what to do. Sabina says I can’t do this. Kainat slaps herself. Kainat says beat me with the goal that tears show genuine torment. Saltanat asks by what method can Kainat plan a wonder such as this. Nilam says she just looks honest. Saltanat says Kainat has faith in Islam and morals. Nilam says she knows Shariah. Saltanat asks what will she get, another messed up union. Nilam says you can give your joy to Kainat, shouldn’t something be said about Zaroon.

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