Sufiyana Pyaar Mera 15 October 2019 Written Update – Zaroon says Madhav

The Episode begins with Saltanat going to the house. She glances around. The lady goes upstairs. Saltanat hears the sound and runs upstairs. She searches for Krish’s meds. She goes to see. She gets drugs. Nilam gets kada for Krish. She asks Indu to repel kids from drugs when there are home cures. Nilam says his tingling will vanish soon. Krish drinks the kada. Madhav hears the individuals in the correctional facility yelling about the dark ants.

He searches for Zaroon. Saltanat gets the tablet for Krish. Indu says he is fine now, he had the kada, how did his sensitivity returned. Saltanat says he is a child, it happens in some cases. Nadim requests that her come and meet the legal advisor. They leave. Zaroon says Madhav, for what reason did you come here, it would be ideal if you go. Madhav inquires as to for what reason did you give up.

Sufiyana Pyaar Mera 15 October 2019

Zaroon says Kainat passed on as a result of me, she frantically adored me and strolled on the way of wrongdoing. Madhav asks are you distraught, she slaughtered my sister when she was 12 years of age, you can spare Saltanat however your adoration will lose, Kainat and her scorn will win, for what reason would you like to murder Saltanat along these lines, be appreciative to get such a spouse who cherishes you genuinely, she vanquished demise and came to you, you don’t esteem her.

Zaroon asks what would i be able to do, I m dependable, I couldn’t perceive my affection, I have attempted to execute her, is my wrongdoing excusable, no, Saltanat can never pardon me. Madhav says she will pardon you, its not your flaw, Saltanat has no gripes with you, her adoration is in every case genuine, you are fortunate to get genuine romance. Investigator comes and shows something. Nadim and Saltanat get their attorney. Assessor says this case is expelled from Zaroon’s name. He acknowledges the bail papers. Saltanat says thanks to him. Nadim embraces her. Madhav and Zaroon get rescued.

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