Sufiyana Pyaar Mera 14 May 2019 Written Update – An Announcement Made by Dada Ji

Written Update: Sufiyana Pyaar Mera 14 May 2019 Written Update on

The Episode begins with Dada ji enlightening everybody regarding his family being renowned in the whole world. He says whatever happened today, I think the worlds malevolent is slithering to my home. Nadim asks what occurred. Dada ji says our kids overlook the contrast among great and insidiousness deed. Saltanat says we may complete an oversight yet not carry out a wrongdoing.

Dada ji requests that her discussion when she is gotten some information about it. He requests that the youthful age let them know, for what reason did they assemble outside around evening time. Saltanat says no. Nadim reprimands her and asks her to simply tune in to Dada ji/Miyajaan first. Zaroon assumes the liability of everything. He says I had called Kainat and Hamza there, Saltanat tailed them and came there, it’s not her shortcoming. Dada ji inquires as to for what reason did you set out.

Sufiyana Pyaar Mera 14 May 2019

Zaroon says I guaranteed you to bring Kainat and Hamza closer, so this occurred, we didn’t have such expectation, sorry. Saltanat says I m present day, however not bold, my family regard is preeminent for me, I can’t go out to meet somebody around evening time. She goes. Zainab takes a gander at Kainat and takes her. Dada ji says I can’t go out on a limb, Hamza and Kainat will get ready for marriage, begin the arrangements. He goes. Nadim gets furious and asks Rubina to send the Sehri to everybody’s rooms. Ghazala gets happy. Zainab reproves Kainat for destroying their family regard for Zaroon, who doesn’t see her. Kainat cries.

Sufiyana Pyaar Mera 14 May 2019

Zainab says I guarantee you, your marriage will occur with Hamza. She goes. Kainat says I will wed Zaroon or passing. Zaroon works out in the first part of the day. Saltanat comes and expresses gratitude toward him. He inquires as to why. She says for coming clean. He inquires as to for what reason didn’t you come clean to them. She supposes I wish you didn’t come here for Kainat.

He supposes I wish you were not all that slanted to your standards. She goes. He grins. Zainab says I need Kainat and Hamza to get connected soon. Nadim says yet why so soon. Dada ji says its conceivable, marriage is Sunnat and its like a petition, individuals don’t keep the marriage in the long stretch of Ramadan since they don’t get time for pre-marriage capacities, religion doesn’t reject for any promising thing. Zainab requests that he fix commitment soon. He says welcome unique visitors day after tomorrow, we will keep Hamza and Kainat’s commitment. Everybody discusses commitment.

Ghazala jokes on Nadim when he goes to drink water. Nadim says you spared me, I m additionally considering if it’s wrong occurring with Kainat, she had gone to meet Zaroon, it implies she adores Zaroon, she is much timid. Rubina says you took part in an extramarital entanglement with Sabina before your marriage, you didn’t bite the dust, we figured out how to adore one another and live, Kainat will likewise learn, this marriage will occur. He gets tranquil.

Saltanat and Neelam think how to stop the commitment. They see Dadi resting. Saltanat says we can make Hamza abhor Kainat, either your Dadi or Kainat can impact them. Zaroon completes Hamza’s garments estimation. Zaroon checks Hamza’s telephone and says Kainat’s companion demand has come. Hamza says acknowledge it. Zaroon says done. Saltanat says this is bamboozling, don’t do this. Neelam says simply message. Saltanat sends the message. Zaroon checks and is stunned. He understands I adore Zaroon, in the event that you cherish me, at that point decline for this marriage. Hamza asks what is it. Zaroon says its spam message, erased. Hamza says I need to proceed to check Iftaar game plans at Dargah. He goes. Saltanat hangs tight for Hamza’s answer.

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