Sufiyana Pyaar Mera 12 October 2019 Written Update – Is Madhav Got Arrested?

Written Update: Sufiyana Pyaar Mera 12 October 2019 Written Update on

The Episode begins with Saltanat getting Madhav and family home. Rubina, Nadim, and everybody examine Saltanat’s progression, she has a major heart and needs to pay the support to Madhav, he has spared her life and kept her well. Hamza says it will be extreme and may end Zaroon and her connection.

Everybody gets stunned seeing Madhav and his family moving. Saltanat says their home got harmed, they can’t remain there, Krish is unwell, so I got them here, they took a lot of consideration of me, it’s my obligation. Nadim says right, you needn’t bother with my consent for this.

Saltanat says I got the latrine opened for them. Nadim stops Dadi. Nilam says you proceed to take rest, I will demonstrate to them the toilet. Nadim says it’s great, we should regard each religion, they can remain there. Nilam demonstrates latrine and presents herself.

Sufiyana Pyaar Mera 12 October 2019

She compliments Sneha’s design sense. She says sorry, the spring isn’t working fine, I will fix it until morning. Madhav expresses gratitude toward her. Nilam grins seeing him. She kids about wi-fi secret phrase. Hamza says they are remaining here only for a night, they aren’t settling here, accompany me.

He takes Nilam. Indu says I don’t think they like us. Madhav says we will go from here soon. Glass and pic edge breaks in Madhav’s home. Light gleams. Hamza asks Nilam not to bond with the outsiders. Nilam asks him not to fault Saltanat, Madhav is only a companion.

He says Madhav’s goals aren’t right, Saltanat may not be knowing his expectations. Dadi says truly, that person has something different in his heart for Saltanat, this fact will turn out soon. Madhav attempts to rest. He considers Saltanat. He goes to the window. He sees Saltanat sitting in the grass. He thinks she is of another person and stops.

Assessor chats are accessible if the need arises. Madhav comes and says you like to insult, you needed to know Saltanat and my connection, we are companions, you won’t get this, your reasoning is terrible. Reviewer says take him to the lockup. Madhav grins seeing Saltanat and Nilam.

FB demonstrates Saltanat saying I got a thought, I got these things in Kainat’s effects, I will take a camouflage and meet Zaroon. He says it’s an ill-conceived notion, I have a thought. FB closes. Saltanat says I m apprehensive we get caught. A woman takes a gander at them.

The woman strolls in the house. She gets the family pic. She contacts Krish. Krish starts feeling tingling. Madhav battles the goons. Indu sees Krish’s hypersensitivity. She says I overlooked the drugs at home. She calls Madhav. Saltanat answers.

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