Sufiyana Pyaar Mera 1 July 2019 Episode Written Update – Kainat Looks on Angrily

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They contend and yell. Saltanat requests that they quiet down. Miyajaan yells enough. Dadi asks what will happen now. Miyajaan says I have chosen to give my valuable position of royalty, Zaroon won’t be the beneficiary at this point. Dadi grins. Everybody gets stunned. Miyajaan says the person who can’t esteem relations and regard family, I don’t figure he can deal with my honored position.

Mamoon says this is bad form. Miyajaan says Zaroon won’t remain in this house. They all get stunned. Mamoon says this is our affront, for what reason don’t you toss out Saltanat. Zainab asks Miyajaan not to rebuff Zaroon and Saltanat. Zaroon grins seeing Saltanat. Dadi requests that they see Zaroon’s challenge, he is grinning like a bold individual. Zaroon says fine Miyajaan, I regard your choice, I will go from this house. Mamoon stops him. Ghazala asks Miyajaan not to do this with her child. Miyajaan hauls him out.

Sufiyana Pyaar Mera 1 July 2019 Episode

Zaroon says I m happy to get love from all of you, I don’t have the right to be here in this house, I don’t merit this position of authority, I was grinning as I got my Kohinoor, Saltanat’s affection admission, when love gets acknowledgment by two hearts, it gets Lord’s love, I couldn’t care less for anything now, what makes a difference is, Saltanat cherishes me. Kainat blows up. Zaroon says I have directly on Saltanat’s adoration, that is much for me. He offers them bye. Saltanat cries and asks Miyajaan to stop him.

Miyajaan inquires as to whether she has any complaint. Saltanat says I will go with Zaroon, I have promised to help him. Rubina says you won’t go. Saltanat says let me go, it would be ideal if you Miyajaan says I didn’t stop you, don’t return, think you have passed on for me. Saltanat says Zaroon is a piece of my spirit, I can’t survive without him. Zaroon takes a gander at her. Zaroon meets their folks.

Sufiyana Pyaar Mera 1 July 2019 Episode

Zaroon says I didn’t have the foggiest idea what is love, you came before me and I experienced passionate feelings for you, possibly this was the result of this story, we will stop this story here, I guarantee you, love is excellent if its fragmented, its fine our adoration has succeeded, I lament that we couldn’t wed, however, I can live with your affection admission and consume my time on earth. Saltanat asks Zaroon to stop. Rubina holds Saltanat’s hand. Nadim sees Saltanat crying. Rubina leaves Saltanat’s hand.

Saltanat races to Zaroon. Miyajaan says we figured you will think about your family and regard, yet I wasn’t right. Saltanat says no, older folks can never commit any error. Nadim says it’s our obligation to redress the mistaken assumptions. He stops Saltanat and requests that she be peaceful. He says we will dependably appeal to God for you, I wish you get all the joy, I wish you are pleased with your choice. He says Zaroon, Saltanat can’t get a more cherishing individual than you.

He requests that they complete their affection, he can’t see the torment of deficient love in their eyes. Saltanat embraces Nadim. Nadim joins them. Ghazala says Miyajaan you chose to make Zaroon out, I m his mum, I reserve an option to converse with him once. She takes Zaroon with her. She says you are welcoming a major issue, Saltanat is the princess of this house, you likewise had a sumptuous life, what will you have now.

He says I have my affection, I will confront the world, I need to be free, I will bumble and walk, I will push forward throughout everyday life and learn things. She embraces him and says I needed to hear this, I m pleased with you, I got sure that my childhood is right, you are abandoning any arrangements.

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