Sitara 9 May 2019 Written Update – Rani Sa addresses his choice

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Vrinda says we should leave asap. They are amazed seeing Hariyali there. Vrinda respects her snidely. You returned so soon. Where is Viraj? Vishkanya’s counterfeit her. You returned void hand. We figured you will wed Viraj now. Hariyali looks furious. Vrinda inquires as to whether Viraj said no to her. Poor you, Hariyali discloses to them that she needs to murder Sitara at any expense. I need your assistance in this. Vrinda reminds her of how amazing she herself is.

Sitara 9 May 2019

You can execute her yourself! Albeli advises her not to fall in Hariyali’s words. She needs to trap us. Hariyali shares that she can’t slaughter Sitara as she is reviled. I gave her another life. I would prefer not to be gotten in the tree again by murdering her! I would prefer not to carry on with that life once more. You are her adversaries. The foe is companion all things considered. She expands her hands towards them. I will grant you with opportunity consequently. Vishkanya’s hold hands with her. Hariyali supposes she will slaughter them once she gets Viraj. Vrinda is thinking on similar lines.

Sitara 9 May 2019

Viraj is setting every one of his recollections with Sitara ablaze. Sitara inquires as to whether he detests her to such an extent. Is our affection, guarantees over? She takes a gander at the photographs. You don’t wish to take a gander at me? I acknowledge your desire however will you have the capacity to delete my recollections by consuming these photographs. He says I wish that could occur. I cherished you with my entire being and trusted each word that you said. You didn’t merit it! epi finishes on Sitara’s stunned face.

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