Shubharambh 6 February 2020 Written Update – Raja comes to Gunvant

Raja considers Rani’s words and is strained. In the first part of the day, Kirtida shows Asha’s photographs dressed as a housekeeper to Gunvant. She says I will show these to Raja and disclose to him that Rani is causing her to do work as a worker. Kirtida comes to Raja and says you are here? She gives him a letter and leaves. Kirtida feels that he will see her mom’s photographs and will toss Rani out of the house. She leaves.

Rani says Raja isn’t conversing with me, he should mention to me what’s stinging him. Darshna comes there and says they are calling you ground floor. Raja comes to Gunvant and hangs tight for Rani. All are there. Kirtida feels that he more likely than not seen the photographs. Raja says I have called you here as I need to request something. I need duties. All are stunned. Raja says I need obligations in the shop.

Shubharambh 6 February 2020 Written Update

Kirtida hacks. Asha is amazed and grins. Hitank asks what he needs? You as of now work there. Raja says I need to try sincerely and work which can add to the shop. In the event that I had a financial balance, at that point this wouldn’t have occurred, my work is nothing before your work, I should work more, I ought to be progressively dependable. Gunvant says for what reason would you say you are thinking that way?

Raja says Rani has made me understood that I have to work more. Rani says I realize Raja tries sincerely yet he ought to have more obligations. Asha is shocked. Gunvant says to Raja that it’s acceptable to see you stressed over the business, I figured you will learn it soon yet I don’t discover your work little. Raja says no work is little yet I need more obligations.

Gunvant says I would prefer not to trouble you yet on the off chance that you are asking, at that point I need to think. Hitank says we are searching for an advertising director so offer showcasing to Raja. Gunvant is stunned. Raja says I have thoughts to acquire more deals. Hitank says he is our advertising supervisor now. Kirtida scowls. Hitank says we should open a ledger for him, he will work more than Mehul.

Gunvant says yes and embraces him. Rani and Asha are happy. Gunvant advises Raja to deal with his obligations well. Raja says I won’t let you down. Gunvant favors him. Rani goes to bring desserts. Asha embraces him. Gunvant feels that Rani needs to go out as well. Rani brings desserts and causes Raja to eat. He grins at her and causes her to eat as well. She wipes her cheerful tears and grins at him. Hitank takes Raja from that point.

Scene 2

Asha goes to express gratitude toward her better half’s photograph. Kirtida sees that Raja left that letter. She calls Asha and requests that she demonstrate it to Raja. Asha feels that everything is getting fine so I can’t let her demonstrate that photograph to Raja. She races to Kirtida and grabs the photograph from her. Kirtida tumbles down. Raja races to her and inquires as to whether she is fine? Asha eats the photograph before Raja can see it. She feels that I will be progressively cautious about Kirtida now.

Rani runs in the passageway cheerfully. Raja comes there and stops her. Rani says you don’t have to express gratitude toward me however you are generally welcome. Raja grins and embraces her. She is amazed and embraces him back.

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