Shubharambh 4 February 2020 Written Update – Rani is being Savage to you

Raja is kneading Kirtida’s feet. Asha comes there and offers prasad to Raja. She shows her consumed hand. Does he ask what was the deal? Asha says I was cooking. No, I was making tea, she leaves. Kirtida says Asha is looking lost, she originally said that she was making nourishment and afterward tea. She looks stressed. Raja says I will converse with her. He leaves. Kirtida reveals to Asha that meet Raja tomorrow as a working lady and discloses to him that Rani is making you fill in as she needs you to gain cash for her.

Let him know sincerely that Rani is being savage to you. Raja goes to bed. Rani is there and reviews Raja playing with the children in the shop. She attempts to converse with him yet Kesha comes there and requests that they descend. All the relatives go to the parlor. Gunvant says our uncle has a cardiovascular failure so I will go there. Gunvant says Hitank will accompany me.

Shubharambh 4 February 2020 Written Update

He requests that Raja handle the shop. Asha figures our arrangement will come up short. Kirtida takes Asha from that point. Kirtida reveals to Asha that be prepared for tomorrow. Raja and Rani are in the bed. Raja says my uncle is awesome. He adores his significant other a great deal, I wish we had a relationship like them, I wish you didn’t take. He turns away. Rani goes to the pantry and takes a gander at the sweater she made for Raja. She says I guarantee to finish our relationship.

Raja is working in the shop. He sees a lady in a shroud going in the market. He sees that it’s Asha and goes behind her. He follows her however she covers up. Rani comes to help Darshna. Darshna is making diverse nourishment things. Jharna says we can go out today. Darshna says we should ask the men. Rani calls Raja yet the laborer gets and says Raja has left the house. Rani hears the financial specialists accessible if the need arises searching for Hank. She requests that the specialist keep them in the shop.

Raja is searching for Asha. Rani comes there and says the speculators are in the shop. Accompany me, Raja goes with her and meets the financial specialists. The speculators converse with him and request the installment. Raja proceeds to call Mehul yet he doesn’t get. Does Rani ask Raja for what valid reason he isn’t paying them? Raja says however I don’t have the foggiest idea the amount to pay them. Rani is stunned and believes that he is the proprietor of the shop and he doesn’t think about the installment?

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