Shakti 9 May 2019 Written Update – Sindhu Life After Getting Engaged

Written Update: Shakti 9 May 2019 Written Update on

Harak Singh says gives up to shopping, at that point film and afterward supper. Harman says you are sprinkled salt on my injuries and says you will get my revile. Harak Singh requests that he take bahu rani to class. Soumya snickers. Harman faults Soumya. Soumya says she is your maa and think before you, what you are considering.

Shakti 9 May 2019

In the school, the PT sir requested that they select their skippers quick. Young ladies’ group commander is Soumya and the PT sir picks Harman as the young men’s group chief. They play kabaddi. Harman sends harry to play. Archana and Mahesh eye Harman and Soumya. Harman holds Soumya and says I cherish you. Soumya pushes him and wins. Harman gets resentful.

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