Shakti 8 May 2019 Written Update – Ankush & Sindhu Get Engaged

Written Update: Shakti 8 May 2019 Written Update on

The Episode begins with Archana calling Harman when he is doing his homework. She changes her voice and advises that she needs to converse with him. Harman offers telephone to Soumya and says it is your call. Archana closes the call and calls once more. Archana reveals to her that her significant other is after some lady. Soumya says my significant other don’t see other woman and see just me. Archana gets steamed and desirous. Harak Singh calls Soumya and advises that they have concurred and today at night there is a commitment. Soumya advises Harman. Veeran comes to harak Singh and apologizes to him for giving 1.5 crores for Sindhu’s joy and laments to do awful with him, he cries. Harak Singh placates him with an embrace.

Shakti 8 May 2019

Ankush tells everybody that the couple is fortunate who gets hitched and tells that their commitment is going on in light of Harman and Soumya. He says their adoration is a case for everybody and says he will love Sindhu like Harman and says I will battle for my affection as you do. Harman embraces him. Ankush says you are my motivation. Soumya says Gulabo is my motivation. Soumya says today is their day. Preeto says lets do the commitment. Ankush’s mom gets some information about Sindhu’s mom. Awesome today epi of Shakti 8 May 2019.

Raavi tells that Chachi went for Prabhal’s marriage. Ankush says she will come in marriage and says they can talk later. Ankush makes Sindhu wear the ring. Veeran gives wedding band to Soumya and says this is your right, proceed to provide for sindhu. Soumya is going to go, however, Ankush’s mom stops her and says this is the matter of their new life, and they would prefer not to ruin their new life by letting the kinnar making a begin. Harman gets irate, yet Soumya stops him. Preeto says Soumya is our bahu. Soumya discloses to Preeto that it is alright, she is pondering their advancement. Ankush asks his mom what she is doing? Soumya asks them not to make issue and make each other wear ring. Preeto offers ring to Sindhu.

Sindhu makes Ankush wear the ring. Raavi gives desserts. Harman discloses to Soumya that he will be back. Ankush and Sindhu come to Soumya and influence her to have sweet. Ankush says sorry to learn. Soumya says she didn’t feel awful and asks them not to feel awful. She compliments them. Sindhu requests that she accompany them and sit. Soumya asks her not to stress and sit. Harman tosses blossom on Soumya to call her. Raavi grins and says I will care for Soham. Does Soumya inquire as to for what reason did you call me? A few women take Preeto to talk and tells that they have acknowledged her family somewhat and that is the reason came here.

Other woman says some foreboding thing will not occur in Shanno’s quality and requests that her keep Soumya in the house for their advancement. Harman discloses to Soumya that he has chosen to wed the young lady whom he went to see yesterday. Tu greetings mera khuda plays. Does the woman ask Preeto for what valid reason she is quiet? Preeto requests that they eat and not to consider giving her address. She says Soumya is my beti and I don’t believe that my one beti will ruin another beti’s life.

Soumya awakens Harman toward the beginning of the day. Harman tells that they will go on shopping and advises that it is a reason to invest some energy with you. Soumya says on the off chance that we take occasion, at that point will be rebuffed. Harman says when we adored then for what reason to fear. Harman turns out in the corridor and approaches everybody to prepare quickly for shopping. Preeto inquires as to for what reason did you stress when we are here and says you more likely than not done your arranging. She says we will go shopping and requests that they go to class.

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