Shakti 7 October 2019 Episode Written Update – Now Kept Me Captive

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The Episode begins with Soumya blacking out on the floor. Rohan sees her and yells Mami. Heer goes to Soumya and yells Gulabo. She leaves Mahi’s hand and rushes to Soumya. Preeto calls her and reviews Soumya telling that Heer will stop. Harak Singh asks Veeran to call Doctor. He asks Mahi to take Heer and says Doctor will treat Soumya. Heer says she won’t go leaving Gulabo.

Mahi gets annoyed and goes to her room. Preeto goes behind her. Mahi says they have kept me, hostage, here, their acting doesn’t end and thinks to reveal to Vedant that even this arrangement fizzled. She calls Vedant. Preeto comes and grabs the telephone from her hand. She sees Vedant’s name on the versatile screen and says you stoop so low to have done an arrangement of your little girl with your significant other’s killer. She says as a result of whom, you are a hitched widow and on account of whom, we couldn’t see our child and is longing for him.

Shakti 7 October 2019

She says all the world said that he won’t return, however, I am hanging tight for him and is vulnerable. She says you are supporting the person as a result of whom, Harman’s name is gone out and you are supporting him. Mahi asks didn’t you do manage me for covering up Heer truth, says you are deceiving him each minute and says you will have sent her to kinnars. Preeto requests that her have the disgrace to do Heer’s arrangement with Vedant or her and tells that Soumya has all the more ideal on Heer for taking a chance with her life for her today.

Heer rubs Soumya’s hand and requests that she get up. Rohan asks her not to get stressed and says Doctor is coming. Preeto says on the off chance that I tell Harak Singh that you are with Vedant, at that point he will execute you. She says your aim is awful, yet I would prefer not to do anything amiss with you. She requests that her accompany her where Vedant is sitting tight for her. She holds her hand and takes her outside. Vedant hangs tight for Mahi and figures when she will come. The auditor is looking out for the way. Preeto asks Arjun to stop the vehicle and requests that Inspector accompany them. Arjun and Mahi are strained. Preeto appeals to Mata Rani for Soumya’s prosperity and Vedant’s capture.

A specialist comes and gives an infusion to Soumya. Heer asks what befell her. The specialist says she has an impact of an overdose of medication. Shanno looks on. Preeto asks Arjun to stop the vehicle and says on the off chance that Vedant get dubious, at that point you won’t be saved. Arjun gets strained. Mahi goes to Vedant. Vedant asks where is Heer? Mahi gestures no. The controller comes and yells at him, yet he moves and the projectile misses him. Vedant holds Mahi and takes steps to murder her. The investigator requests that he give up. Vedant takes steps to call Police. Preeto requests that he give up.

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