Shakti 4 July 2019 Written Episode Update – Need Clarification from Soumya

Written Update: Shakti 4 July 2019 Written Episode Update on

The Episode begins with Soumya returning to Bansal house. Vedant inquires as to whether Harman enjoyed it. She says yes. Vedant thinks liar and supposes she don’t have a clue how he will show Harman out of their lives and after that Soumya and his romantic tale will begin. He envisions moving on the melody udi… .in the enhanced spot. Soumya gives him drug and requests that he have it. Vedant takes the medication and advises that he needs to remain on his feet, inquires as to whether she will support him.

Soumya says without a doubt and causes him hold up. Vedant sees Harman coming and falls on Soumya purposefully. Soumya requests that he be cautious. Vedant says sorry. Soumya says no issue and makes him walk holding his hand. Harman is envious. Vedant takes a gander at Harman. He solicits Soumya to get a glass from water. Soumya goes to kitchen. Harman goes there and says you are getting a charge out of at work. Soumya asks what is this trouble making.

Shakti 4 July 2019

Harman says he is drawing nearer to you and is contacting you and inquires as to whether she don’t see or is overlooking the issue. Soumya says he can’t walk and takes my help to stand. Harman says on the off chance that you tell that his goal is awful, at that point I will murder him. Soumya says I am carrying out responsibility of a medical attendant and says it isn’t of any utilization to converse with you. Harman holds her hand. Vedant comes and inquires as to whether Tarana got rowdy with you. Harman goes.

Vedant inquires as to why you both battle and believes sweethearts’ tiff..and acknowledges himself. He calls somebody and says everything is going according to the arrangement, result will before long be out. Harman gets back home. Shanno asks what did Kinnar do? Harman says she is working there as she loves Vedant. Raavi says this can’t be conceivable. Preeto says Soumya left home and progressed toward becoming Gurumaa. She says Soumya is bearing Vedant why? Shanno says she is delivering retribution from her. Sindhu tells that Soumya isn’t unadulterated like a milk. Raavi contends with her and gets some information about Soumya.

She reproves her. Preeto gets glad seeing them battling. Soumya is returning home. Vedant stops her and tells that he needs her assistance, requests that her stay there. Soumya says alright. Vedant thinks expresses gratitude toward Tarana. Harman is eager and considers Vedant and Soumya. Vedant and Soumya are in the industrial facility. He requests that her pack the toys and takes her pics subtly. He says you are great. Soumya says abruptly. He tallies her doings and says acknowledge that you are great. Soumya says she will complete the work. Vedant plays the melody on the gramophone and tells that Dad likes it.

He says even he loves old melodies. He at that point calls Harman and gets some information about GST document. He asks Soumya to carry milk with sugar. He converses with Harman and requests that he rest. Harman is irate with Soumya. Soumya’s telephone rings. Soumya takes a gander at the call and supposes she will not inform Vedant concerning harman’s call. She rejects her call. Vedant requests that her discussion. She picks the call. Harman asks where are you? Soumya says she is on work. Harman says at 2 am and requests that her wed Vedant. Vedant discloses to Soumya that he will drop her. Soumya says I will return home. Vedant says the driver will drop you. He requests that her arrive behind schedule. Soumya takes her tote and leaves.

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