Shakti 3 June 2019 Written Update – Soumya Dances In The Party

Written Update: Shakti 3 June 2019 Written Update on

The Episode begins in Kinnars’ home. A man comes there and asks kinnars to come to Navjot Singh’s home and move. He requests that they bring the head Guru Maa and says you will get more cash. Saya inquires as to whether he has gone distraught. She says Navjot’s Singh’s home is adjacent to Harak Singh’s home and advises that they need to affront Harak Singh and his family by calling Guru maa there. She says we won’t come here.

Shakti 3 June 2019

Soumya comes and tells the man that she will come definitely and all the kinnars will likewise come. She requests that man do the courses of action. Saya discloses to Soumya that her choice isn’t right. Soumya says she is Gurumaa and is pondering the kinnars faction. Chameli gets some information about Harman and asks what will he think? Harman says he definitely knows everything. Saya asks her not to go on the off chance that she at any point thought her as her mother.

She asks her not to break the connection completely and don’t aggravate the relations. Soumya still demands to go and requests that they prepare. Saya says she will perceive how she will go. Soumya says she is the head Gurumaa and requests that everybody prepare. Saya feels offended and hurt and requests that they prepare. Chameli requests that her handle herself.

Shakti 3 June 2019

Veeran tells Harak Singh that Navjot Singh called us as his child Jeetu got hitched. Harak Singh says we won’t go. Preeto says we will go there. Harman says she is correct and requests that everybody choose what they need to do. Harak Singh won’t go. Preeto asks Shanno and others to prepare.

Visitors go to Navjot’s home. Lamba welcomes him and gets some information about Harak Singh’s family. Other visitor inquires as to whether he called Harak’s kinnar bahu. Navjot’s better half says they have thought to make their tamasha as they have embarrassed the general public. Preeto and others come there. Navjot’s significant other gets some information about Harman and Harak Singh.

Shanno says Harman is stressed so he remained at home and that is the reason bhaisaheb remained with him. Navjot’s better half says terrible thing occurred with you that your kinnar bahu left you, for whom you have upheld conflicting with the general public. Preeto says we have comprehended that we need to pursue society standards. Soumya prepares. Shakti melody plays.

Chameli asks Saya to prepare. Saya says don’t have a clue why she needs to destroy her home and says on the off chance that I disclose to her anything, at that point she presents to Guru maa’s situation between us. Chameli says we will converse with her once she quiets down.

Harman comes to Harak Singh’s room. Harak Singh says you are looking tragic and asks what he needs to state. Harman says I concur that I admonished her severely, yet she will have caused me to comprehend on the off chance that she had cherished me when I went to restore her stuff, she took it. Harak Singh says she adores you definitely and says at whatever point there was a battle, it is spouse’s mix-up. He requests that he proceed to bring Soumya, says he will persuade Preeto.

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