Shakti 3 July 2019 Written Episode Update – Soumya Helps Vedant

Written Update: Shakti 3 July 2019 Written Episode Update on

The Episode begins with Harman asking Soumya to shoot at him. He says they will see seeing each other grinning faces. They shoot at one another. It ends up being Saya’s fantasy. Saya awakens amazingly and comes to Soumya. Soumya gets her finger cut accidentally. Harman comes there and asks Chameli to advise her to cut her finger dressed as Soham lays down with her. He goes.

Chameli says Harman ji is changed so much and tells that he didn’t take a gander at Soumya’s damage. Saya reveals to Soumya that she saw fantasy and in the event that this connection isn’t taken care of now, at that point it will quit relaxing. She says the connection is in spouse’s aanchal. Soumya says you said right that those spouses are ladies and we, kinnar don’t have aanchal.

Shakti 3 July 2019

She says I assume the liability of this connection end and says I don’t need Harman ji to be accused. I will carry on with for my entire life here and won’t return to Harman. Harman is going. Raavi asks him not to go. Preeto requests that he go. Harman leaves. Shanno inquires as to why you asked Harman to go. Preeto requests that her pause and watch. Vedant gets swathed tied on his hand and thinks to perceive how Soumya feels seeing it.

Soumya comes there. Vedant grins seeing her hand. She asks what was the deal? Vedant says glass broke with his hand. She tells that she will gauzed his hand. Vedant says you care for me so much, why? Soumya says it is her work. He approaches on the off chance that she had thought about him if not doing work here. She says she thinks about everybody for mankind purpose.

He supposes to demonstrate one day the amount he loves her. Soumya says I will make kada and is heading inside. Harman and Harak Singh come there. Vedant requests that her make kada watery and tells Harman and Harak Singh that on the off chance that she would have been anybody’s bahu, at that point those individuals would be fortunate. He tells that on the off chance that she was a lady, at that point he would have hitched her.

Shakti 3 July 2019

Soumya goes. Harman is irate. Vedant says the customers like the toys and made the agreement twofold. Soumya brings toys. Vedant requests that her make him drink. He says we will drink kada and not allopathy medication. Harman reviews Soumya giving him kada and tells that it doesn’t take a shot at him. He will begin work. Vedant asks Harman to remain back and says we have made companions quite recently.

He asks Harak Singh to deal with work. He asks Soumya to demonstrate the pieces of stuff which they brought yesterday. He says Soumya chose garments for me. Harman reviews and a fb has appeared. Harman tells that Soumya’s decision is awesome and converses with his family. Fb closes. Harman tells that he will leave. Vedant requests that he pause and shows orange saree, which he skilled her. Harman reviews their minute and says he detests the saree.

He tosses saree all over and it falls on her. Harman says he is work focused and will proceed to do work. Vedant requests that he go. He asks Soumya to offer shirt to Harman. Soumya goes. Vedant says Tarana is my affection now and I will get her, for that I need to break their connection.

Veeran calls harak Singh and gets some information about Harman’s displeasure. Harak Singh says Harman is fine, however, I question Vedant’s aim isn’t great. He says I will get back home and tell. Veeran advises the same thing to Preeto. Shanno says you would have inquired.

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