Shakti 28 June 2019 Written Episode Update – Soumya telling Harman

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He closes the call and supposes he got an opportunity to see her. Saya asks Soumya to let Vedant be free as she isn’t working in his home any longer. Vedanta calls her once more, however, she doesn’t pick his call. She calls bansal and requests that he offer medication to Vedant. Vedant says I got the drug.

Next morning, Soumya gets back home and keeps the blooms. She requests that he have a tablet. Vedant says I was sitting tight for you to cause me to eat the drug. Soumya says yesterday you asked me not to come and says it is odd that you are requesting that I give the drug. Vedant says his prescription will work in the event that she gives him. It is his creative mind. Bansal requests that she eat the prescription and says Soumya won’t come.

Shakti 28 June 2019

Vedant supposes if Soumya left me for Harman and supposes what is their connection? Soumya and other kinnar talk about the up and coming show. She goes out. Vedant comes to kinnars house and advises that Soumya left employment to see Harman in the emergency clinic. Chameli says Harman Singh is Soumya’s and is going to tell about him being her better half, however, Saya stops her and tells that Harman is your worker.

She says Soumya left occupation at your home. Saya reviews Soumya asking her not to enlighten Vedant concerning Harman and her connection as she doesn’t need him to build inconveniences for Harman. She asks them not to enlighten anybody regarding Harman. Harman gets up considering Soumya and blows up.

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