Shakti 26 June 2019 Written Episode Update – Vedant Wants To Get Soumya Anyhow

Written Update: Shakti 26 June 2019 Written Episode Update on

The Episode begins with Harman picking up awareness and calls Preeto. She asks how are you? Harman discloses to her that Soumya made him drink water. Preeto talks against her. Harman requests that her stop Soumya. Preeto requests that he rest.

Vedant drinks tea and tells that he needs tea made by Tarana and requests that Servant call her. Bansal gets back home and advises that he went to see Harman who met with a mishap the previous evening. Vedant says I would have accompanied you on the off chance that you had told. He supposes where is Tarana? Soumya goes to the sanctuary to appeal to God for Harman.

Shakti 26 June 2019 Written Episode Update

Harak Singh comes there. Soumya gives him Prasad. Harak Singh says I believed that you will be here, and reveals to her that he didn’t tell bansal or his child that he knows her and asks her not to inform them concerning their connection. Soumya goes to Bansal’s home and offers Prasad to

Vedant. Vedant requests what? Soumya says she went to appeal to God for somebody. Vedant approaches on the off chance that she went to appeal to God for Harman. Soumya says I came to think about him from uncle and goes. Vedant thinks Soumya has a delicate corner for Harman and considers her connection with Harman. He is going to toss the Prasad, yet Soumya stops him and says it will be a revile which will be with him all life. She asks him not to toss prasad.

Harman requests that Nurse demonstrate the CCTV film. She says it is private and they can’t appear. Raavi comes and inquires as to whether he needs confirmation to discover about Soumya. Harman says Maa needs confirmations and tells that the battle is among Gurumaa and her. Raavi says she is your Gulabo. Soumya discloses to Bansal that she needs to go somewhat early.

Vedant supposes she should get going to meet Harman and supposes I will see who is progressively essential to her. He supposes he won’t let her go. He calls Soumya and requests tea. Soumya gives tea. Vedant tosses it. Soumya says how could you realize that it isn’t great. Vedant says I can say seeing the shading. He requests that her bring another tea. She brings tea for him. Vedant says it is extremely sugary.

Soumya brings sugar and tells that she didn’t include sugar in it. He requests that her iron her garments. He makes her occupied with work. She gives him prescription and requests that he rest. Vedant reveals to her that he needs to go out and requests that her accompany him, says you will get additional cash.

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