Shakti 26 December 2019 Episode Written Update

Written Update:

The episode begins, Suomya conceals Heer from Harak Singh and goes to Ravi. She asks how it happened that Preeto consumed herself. They were permitted to meet Preeto. Ravi prevents Heer from proceeding. Heer brought a small scale sanctuary and petitions God for Preeto’s expedient recuperation. Preeto demands Heer to bring a glass of water for her.

The police had come to record an announcement. Preeto blames Harak Singh for the endeavor to consume and murder her. Harak Singh appears to be confused. Preeto says she has recently skipped passing, she won’t lie. Harak Singh twists before Preeto and asks how she can do as such. Preeto says he got bail when he battled Maninder, yet this time he won’t get bail.

She said she remained behind Heer and Harak Singh. The police take Harak Singh. A short time later, Preeto requests Veeran to decision against Harak Singh, else she will give an announcement with the same allegations against Veeran too. Awesome today Shakti 26 December 2019 episode online.

Heer pursues the police and Harak Singh and inquires as to why they are taking her Dadu. Ravi stops Heer. Heer now rushes to asks Suomya why they are taking Dadu. Suomya guarantees that they will discover the explanation, however right now Preeto needs them. Suomya cries as she sat close to Preeto’s bed. Suomya inquires as to why she made such a gigantic stride. Preeto says nothing is more noteworthy for her than Heer, and it was the best way to remove Heer from Harak Singh.

Shakti 26 December 2019

She advises Suomya to return home, Heer is distant from everyone else with Mahi. Suomya asks how she would return home, the townspeople realize she captured Heer. Suomya reveals to her an arrangement and says Suomya must see herself as the sovereign of that house now. She hands the keys of the house to Suomya. She advises her to take the blossoms to close Mata Rani also. She reviews once Harman had asserted that one-day Preeto will adore Suomya enough to hand her home. Preeto says now her home and her obligations are all Suomya’s.

At home, Shanno permits Mahi to control the house as this has a place with her now. Be that as it may, she needs to choose what to do to Heer. Heer comes to the first floor getting some information about Gulabo. Mahi irately yells this is her home, not Gulabo’s. Ravi digs out from a deficit. Mahi yells at Ravi to remain in her points of confinement, she is living in her parent’s home much in the wake of being hitched. Mahi wasn’t prepared to hear a solitary word from anybody. Gulabo cries to go to Gulabo.

Mahi orders she won’t go anyplace. She presently questions Rohan why he lives here, and orders that they will live away from one another. She says Rohan had enough from this house and should leave right away. Rohan reviews Suomya’s recommendation that he should never leave Heer’s hand. Mahi commandingly gets their distant. She closes the entryway in the wake of hauling Rohan out of the house.

Suomya and Rohan open the entryway of the house. Suomya ties the keys of the house to her dress with possession and spots a pot of rice on the principle entryway and steps over it. She holds Rohan’s hand and heads inside, directly to the sanctuary corner. She places her hand blemishes on a divider close by. Mahi hauls Heer towards Shanno. She questions Suomya why she came here.

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