Shakti 25 September 2019 Episode Written Update – Preeto Wants to talk with Soumya

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The episode starts, Later Heer, Rohan and Soham are playing under the cover. Soham says no one will realize that we are playing the game. Heer says no one will realize that we are alert. Rohan requests that they talk gradually. Preeto comes and pulls the cover. She says I know it about your every minute. Preeto requests that they rest and says who am I Soham says Dadi. Rohan says, Nani. Heer says Preeto. Preeto requests that they rest. Heer says we won’t rest until Gulabo gives us great night kiss.

Soumya kisses Rohan and Heer and makes them rest. She requests that they ask Soham to rest, reviewing what he did with kinnars. Soham cries. Preeto goes to converse with Soumya. Heer and Rohan look tragic. Preeto asks Soumya for what good reason she didn’t shower her affection on Soham and says now he is crying. Soumya says whatever I am doing is for their improvement and requests that she make her heart solid. Preeto says they are little kids.

Shakti 25 September 2019

Heer asks Soham what was the deal? Soham says Maa, didn’t give me kiss in the school too. Heer inquires as to why? Soham says they dislike our family women and do noisy cosmetics and they have a distinctive highlight. He says he fears them. Arjun hears them keeping an eye on them. Rohan comes to Soumya and requests that she excuse him and tells that he will cause him to get it. Arjun hears them. Rohan asks Soham to apologize to Mami and state her sorry.

Soham says I don’t care for them, so how might I converse with them. Rohan says who is senior to you. Soham says you. Rohan says here and there you hurt her. Heer says Gulabo will excuse you and kiss you. Soham says I can do anything for Maa’s grin. Heer requests that he grinned. They embrace one another. Arjun thinks Soham is that block which can be evacuated and make the way.

Shakti 25 September 2019

Soumya considers Harman naming Soham as Soham Soumya Singh and telling that he will be known by his mom’s name. Soumya thinks she has the obligation of three children and needs to come to him, however, remains back for Heer. She says Heer is her life and asks Harman to return. She reviews Harak Singh’s words that he feels Harman’s appearance in her. Soham holds his ears and says sorry. Heer requests that he consent to her truisms. Soham says I will do whatever you state, yet you pardon me and cherish me like previously. He says please maa and embraces her. Soumya cries and excuses him. Preeto grins.

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